Arsenal have made a club record €30m bid for Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain, a player who has been chased by the Gunners and Juventus for over a month.

The Argentine confirmed he would leave the Bernabeu this summer, and Arsenal appear to have moved into pole position for him, with reports in the Spanish media agreeing.

Up front

Arsenal’s bid is considerably better than Juventus’s for a number of reasons. For a start, they’re willing to pay the money up front to Madrid, helping them  to shop for a replacement. Secondly, Arsenal’s bid is €8m greater than Juve’s instalment-based bid, meaning Real have more than one reason to accept it over the Italian side.

The BBC’s Arsenal specialist David Ornstein has confirmed Arsenal are after Higuain, and the player is keen. Higuain appears to be the key target over Wayne Rooney, though Arsenal are looking for a creative midfielder to compliment the more direct talents of Higuain. However, don’t expect an announcement any time soon.

Waiting game

Higuain won’t depart until Carlo Ancelotti finally takes his place as the new Real Madrid manager. He’s been engaged in a wrangle with PSG to allow him to break his contract with the French side and take charge at Madrid. Once he finally takes the helm (which could be tomorrow), he will make the final decision on Higuain.

There’s a small chance he’ll want to keep Higuain, or at least stall his departure until a replacement has been recruited, but the Italian has a personal friendship with Arsene Wenger, so there’s at least little chance of a Mourinho-style Nuri Sahin situation, where he lets him go elsewhere out of spite.

Try not to be impatient. I know it’s hard. At least wait until Higuain signs for Juventus, yeah?


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+5 #18 Bri 2013-06-16 18:26
`Nani in` for less than `Gervinho out` would be sound piece of business.
+4 #17 charlie 2013-06-16 18:20
Nani is only 26 ,he has prem exprience,can score goals and cheap (thinking of wenger) at 8mil.
+4 #16 wapang aier 2013-06-16 18:01
Higuain will make Arsenal stronger and signing of another two quality player will make Arsenal European Champion.
-11 #15 King Sele 2013-06-16 17:58
Up Gunners, Up Arsenal, Up Fans pls les speak One voice for our transfer list.
1) Higuain
2) jovetic
3) Standing 4
4) One Difender 4 Sagna winge
5) One winger
6) Goal kiper
if u like dis just tip YES
Up Gunners and One luv!
-2 #14 CharlieA 2013-06-16 17:42
Anyone saying we need Nani needs their head testing. Higuain would be a golden signing and I think Fellaini would be class too. I'd prefer Cabaye from Newcastle though... Oh and I know we're not gonna be in for him but Isco, whoever he signs for, is gonna be the signing of the summer... COYG!!
+5 #13 goonerwest 2013-06-16 17:39
Not getting too excited yet as this story has been doing the rounds since May. First their was a pre agreement according to some footballing websites depending on our Champions league status. We qualified for the Champions league then the same football websites said he was going to Juventus now it appears were back in the running. Be glad If It happens bit history tells me under Wenger and this board a lot promised and very little delivered. They say Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results. By this reckoning either us as fans are Insane expecting anything different In Wenger and the boards transfer policy or they are expecting their transfer policy to deliver anything else but the now customary scrape with them at the over end of the Seven Sisters road for 4th place.
+2 #12 williams 2013-06-16 17:31
Quoting silver john:
higuain, nani and fellani is wht we need at the moment

No to Nani, he s nt part of wat we need, I will say a GOOD Gk to compete or tutor scenzy
+4 #11 TH Henry 2013-06-16 17:22
Nani couldn't be further away from what we need. Baffled anyone is talkig him up, assume it's just MUST WANT RUMOUR WITH NO SUBSTANCE TO HAPPEN stuff.

Higuain however is world class, and it would be a great start to our spending.
+5 #10 smart 2013-06-16 16:31
Higuain is an exceptional striker,hope arsenal complete the signing next week,gunners for eternity!
-10 #9 ossy 2013-06-16 16:23
Arsen wenger please we need players of fellany, higuain,williams,Jul io ceaser and any good rigth full back of dani arves quality in other for us to be premier league contender for nest season. I mr wenger will not let us down nest season. Gunners 4 life.
+3 #8 charlie 2013-06-16 15:53
Yet to meet a gooner against the signing of higuain. Gon's has one of the highest goals to shots ratio's in europe. See youtube clips of chamakk,gervihno,gir oud,poldo... They have all performed to type once signed. View clips of higuain,he's the class forward arsenal have been missing since dennis.
-1 #7 charlie 2013-06-16 15:35
Higuain ,nani ,felliani& ashley williams . Job done..
-5 #6 Aziz, KL-Malaysia 2013-06-16 15:32
Higuain yes, Fellaini and Rooney NO !!!
Add Adler, a solid backup CD, maybe Nani if Gervinho leaves, don't sell Koscielny or anyone else except our deadwood - then we are fine with one exception, a classy defensive midfielder and there are options available.
+1 #5 Fuad 2013-06-16 15:18
No matter who Arsenal sign, the problem with Arsenal is that they always wake up when its too late. They drop most of their points in the beginning of the season and in any game they play, once they scored first, they dont push for more goals. I hope we win something this coming season.
+1 #4 Chez 2013-06-16 14:55
I agree, lets all try and be patient! It is difficult with all the rubbish on newsnow tho! Higuain would be an excellent top drawr signing. I doubt Juve are seriously in for him, more like bravado and bluster to appease their fans and appear to be big players. They are linked to every player in the summer and rarely sign one, apart from free agents (Llorente) or loans (Bendtner!).

A top class striker, a more defensive minded midfielder, a GK (if Fabianski leaves) and a wide forward are on my shopping list this transfer window!

Come on you Gunners!
+1 #3 silver john 2013-06-16 14:47
higuain, nani and fellani is wht we need at the moment
+4 #2 Lucas 2013-06-16 14:43
Excited..higuain oh higuain!!
+5 #1 only Madit 2013-06-16 14:27
hope to see Gon Higuain next week at Emirates

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