Arsenal players fear Alexis Sanchez’s exit


Arsenal came from three goals down to claim a remarkable 3-3 draw against Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium on Tuesday night and considering the circumstances of the game, the result can be viewed as a positive one for the Gunners.

Despite the comeback though, one Arsenal player who was visibly not pleased was Alexis Sanchez. Upon the final whistle, Sanchez wildly ripped his gloves off and threw them on the ground, and his frustration at Arsenal dropping two points in the title race was apparent.

Now according to reports from the Daily Mail, it has been claimed that Sanchez’s mood did not improve in the dressing room as he hardly said a word and that there is a real fear among the Arsenal players that the frustrated Chilean superstar could well consider leaving the Emirates Stadium at the end of the season, with his contractual situation also not making any progress.


Sanchez and Ozil contractual saga delaying other deals


Arsenal have been in negotiations over new deals for Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil for quite a while now but the Gunners have been unable to agree on new terms as they are not ready to facilitate the high wage demands of the superstar duo.

Talks with Sanchez’s and Ozil’s representatives are ongoing at the moment but as a further cause for concern for the Gunners’ faithful, the Daily Mirror have reported that the ongoing contractual saga for the two players is delaying Arsenal’s plans to discuss new deals with the likes of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere - both of whom have entered the final 18 months of their current contracts.


Arsenal ready to make £20 million move for defender


Arsenal are widely expected to be offloading the full-back duo of Carl Jenkinson and Mathieu Debuchy during the current January transfer window and if both players depart, manager Arsene Wenger will surely have to bring in replacements.

Now according to reports from the Daily Star, it has been claimed that Arsenal are currently eyeing up a move for Porto defender Ricardo Pereira.

Pereira is a versatile defender who can play in either full-back positions and the Gunners are allegedly ready to splash as much as £20 million in order to acquire the services of the Portuguese international this month.

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+1 #6 Macgooner56 2017-01-06 19:19
I have no doubt that Sanchez and Ozils agents will price them out of the club. Greedy Stan Kronke is only concerned with making money, and if Usmanov sells up then we are in it deep cos Wenger will continue to steal a living from the club as will that clown Walcott.We are also rans,there is no real desire to spend a penny more than necessary and every year Wenger fiddles around at the edges of the team but never really completes the job, I'm sick of watching the same game over and over, Wenger waving his arms about but doing the like for like subs on about 70mins as usual while Bouldy sticks to his vow of silence, we are a joke among the top teams,and if Wenger signs a new deal then I may have to take a 2year sabbatical cos I'm sick of the man and his bu#*~€t press conferences,
+3 #5 Ron Evans 2017-01-06 09:04
I've followed AFC for many years and am a member. They have evolved over the past 15 years into the most frustrating team in the Premiership. They are known now as 'also rans' since they can't sustain a good run and don't appear to have the desire to become champions. I can think only that this malaise comes from the top. I decry the phenomenal salaries the players receive, but that is now the world of football and AFC must retain their top players at almost any cost. For two many seasons great players have been allowed to leave for ManU, City, Chelsea etc. and we have to start each season team building - again! It's no good and it's time Wenger either goes or changes his strategy.
0 #4 Paul 2017-01-06 03:55
Alton: I agree that if they are sold it should be abroad... and yes they are greedy and you wonder when enough is enough! I do part company with you though when you say that neither player has been on top form this season as I think Sanchez had been phenomenal and does his absolute best even when he gets no support. He and Ozil have a tremendous understanding and they have been missing the genius of Santi. I agree it Mary L that is so disappointing that half the team go missing around this time. Maybe Wenger is right and they are fatigued with these games coming with hardly any rest... no answer to that one. I know they get paid huge wages but they are human and their bodies do need rest. Wenger tries his best to rotate but that's not always successful.
+2 #3 Mary L 2017-01-06 02:25
I am deeply disappointed with the last few games the gunners have played! I have been an Arsenal fan for a very long time and it breaks my heart that even when they bring players such as Sanchez and Ozil in they haggle on wages and won't sign quality players to help these fabulous guys!! I am getting to the point that if they lose Sanchez and Ozil I may just stop watching because I get so heart sick when they stop playing to win and just let teams walk all over them and there is Sanchez and Ozil and they work their hearts out trying to win games and the rest just don't seem to give a damn!! Sure Wenger is upset at the loses but really what is he doing to stop it? To try to prevent it? I have always stood by Wenger and Arsenal and defended them at every turn but it is getting to be too much heart break when they are on a winning streak and then they just seem to give up!! I really thought they had it this season they started off so well after the initial loss then they got through November without losing but now they have lost it again they should have won that game against City and they definitely should have won that game against Bournemouth if Sanchez and Ozil don't sign new contracts and leave I'm afraid that will be me done :-(
+4 #2 John Cotter 2017-01-05 22:58
Life time fan of Arsenal. Nearly forty years. AFC is a money making machine, a business, no more. Why should I continue to watch and follow a body merely concerned with money? I'm an accountant I look at money matters all day every day. When I watch football I want to be entertained, not worry about finance. Arsenal chose not to compete. I'm with Sanchez, out!
+2 #1 Alton 2017-01-05 17:50
If they want to go sell them abroad and move on. Neither player has been in top form this season but want big bucks greedy lazy buggers

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