After news broke that Arsenal were pushing hard to sign David Villa for Barcelona, a couple of sources spoke up to claim the deal wasn't occurring at all.

Spanish journalist and general Barcelona mouthpiece Guillem Balague was incredibly dismissive, stating Barcelona weren't interested in selling, and that the Villa situation was 'case closed until summer'.

This was followed by Sky Sports' Bryan Swanson reporting that Arsenal themselves had denied being in talks with Villa.

Not so fast

However, this is silly season, and even the most reliable sources can look silly themselves. Balague has changed his mind more times than Arsene Wenger over the Villa move or lack thereof, and Barcelona use him as their go-to guy to spread information. Don't forget his part in getting Fabregas to move to Barca.

As for Sky Sports-what would Arsenal tell them? "Yeah, we're in for David, top top player, we've offered Barca about fifteen mill for 'im, should be done tomorrow". That's Harry Redknapp behaviour.

Arsenal may well not be interested in Villa at all. But history dictates than the more they deny links to a player, the more likely they are.

Here are some examples from Arsene himself:

31st August 2011, morning:

"No truth in the links with Arteta".

July 2012:

"Santi Cazorla? I don't know that guy!"

Arsenal also categorically denied the Arshavin deal while it was ongoing.

I wouldn't believe everything you see or read. It may well not be true. That goes both ways though.


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0 #13 JSP2303 2013-01-31 12:14
If you are going to post on here use the Queen's English. All this "d team" and "d defence". You make yourself sound like a complete donkey mate!!
Grow up you muppet!!
+1 #12 reg 2013-01-30 00:11
Guys stop worrying yourselves over Wenger buying or not. I said it long time ago that Wenger already knows who to buy or might end up not buying when his team wins few games. He's not going to do what you expect. When they start losing matches he'll help himself with his normal kicking of water bottles as if he's feeling bad. He'll never buy any of the players that has been linked with Arsenal, he'll use end of transfer window rush as an excuse and buy one Scalacci or santos to calm the fans down as usual. Bringing in another waste pipe in the team and keep towing away money. There can never be anything good out of a cheap product. When you buy cheap cloths it fades out in time but quality cloths will always last long and look nice on you each time you wear it.
+2 #11 ChrisG 2013-01-29 20:57
I can't see us shelling out £15m for Villa, he's a great player, but Arsenal are all about the resale value, as other commenters have noted. He's probably got two or three years left at the top, and you know how Arsenal are with players in their 30s.

Look at Newcastle's January business, it's been fantastic, I'd have loved it if we'd been in for M'Biwa and Sissoko. We probably will be in for both in a few seasons when their value has trebled...

I am a big fan of Wenger, he's done amazing things at Arsenal, but if he doesn't address the glaring weaknesses in the squad this transfer window he's in trouble.
+1 #10 Chinaman 2013-01-29 17:18
Quoting JSP2303:
Would Walcott have stayed if Arsenal were off to buy a striker who is tons better than him, I think not.

The other question that comes to mind is, did AW make promises to Theo to make him sign the deal, that AW would not buy another striker?
-2 #9 Alan Radmall 2013-01-29 15:28
For the record - Arsenal top sales
in Millions
25 Overmars
25 Adebayor
22.7 Fabregas
22 Nasri

Arsenal Top Purchases.
13 Wiltord
12 Arshavin
12 Carzola
12 Nasri.
10.65 Reyes.

This record shows the Gunners buy low and sell high.
+1 #8 Keme 2013-01-29 15:04
We dnt really need any striker now. What we need is a defensive Midfielder who will protect d defence from conceding goals. Walcott, Poldoski and Giroud are scoring goals in almost all our matches now but d problem is dat we always concede too. So even wen we score 2 goals in a match, we are still not guarantee of three points cos our defence mite concede 2 or 3. So d attack is ok. Our problem is d defence.
+1 #7 JSP2303 2013-01-29 12:51
Come on let's face it, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that Arsenal will sign anyone this january or even in the summer! Would Walcott have stayed if Arsenal were off to buy a striker who is tons better than him, I think not.
We are stuck with just hope that this current squad finally find something resembling form before the Spuds pull too far clear.
I wish for once Wenger did let himself loose in the transfer market but you just know it will never never never happen.
God Help Us!!! :-)
+1 #6 Alan Radmall 2013-01-29 12:48
A strong striker will change the team. We need Villa - even if its for 2 years. His influence will be great, his scoring will win us matches and having a prestigeous player like him sign, will give us more respect.
Viva Villa and Viva Gooners.
0 #5 Nir 2013-01-29 09:40
The Santi Cazorla quote wasa joke...
+3 #4 mickey 2013-01-29 07:50
yes, Arsene Wenger has a history of offering big money deals and contracts to players over 30..... Seems legit!
+1 #3 pikolo 2013-01-29 01:00
Quoting jono.:
david villas wife is 8 months pregnant with their first child.
not a chance in hell he'll be leaving in the next 3 days.

that dosn't mean anything, he would be given time off to attend the birth
+1 #2 Hans 2013-01-28 23:56
Balague is a Madrid mouthpiece if anythin. he's an Espanyol fan, hates Barcelona.
-1 #1 jono. 2013-01-28 22:47
david villas wife is 8 months pregnant with their first child.
not a chance in hell he'll be leaving in the next 3 days.

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