I once read an article which began with details of the night Arsene Wenger and David Dein checked into hotel ahead of a Champions League Final. Wenger as ever was distracted so Dein checked them both in, when asked to state the Frenchman’s occupation he was alleged to have said “Just put miracle worker..”. Whether this particular tale is true or an urban myth, ‘miracle worker’ is a phrase that Dein often repeats in regards to Wenger and sheds a different light on the troubles facing the Gunners at the moment.

In his most recent interview, Dein cautioned that criticising the boss could see him pack his bags and call time on 13 years during which Arsenal as a club has undergone a facelift which would please even the most conscious 24 hour news presenter. It was roundly dismissed by the Frenchman but one wonders whether the alleged close friendship between the two has led to Arsene asking his pal to float the idea to test the water. It’s also a salient reminder of the relationship the pair had at the club during a time where Arsene knew the pin number to the club’s debit card and was not afraid to use it.

Maybe just maybe the problems are not solely down to Wenger, maybe someone within the current set up needs to become a new David Dein and reassure the Frenchman that if he reaches for the chequebook, they will hand him the pen. Or, if they cannot bring themselves to see money spent, maybe they can ask David Dein to play his part in a new set of miracles from Le Professeur.

The rain that I woke up to this morning symbolized my feelings having heard the news before bed that Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas was now officially returning to Spain and his boyhood club Barcelona.  Even though I knew it was coming, seeing Cesc in a Barcelona uniform only made it worse.

Sure, he thanked Arsene Wenger at the press conference and called him a “second father.”  But what he did was abandon his second father at the time when he needed him most.  At the time Arsenal are facing the most uphill battle of Wenger’s reign at the North London club.  Fabregas has gone off to Spain, leaving Arsenal without a captain, and as a team now in desperate need of a playmaker.

Fabregas created more goal scoring opportunities in the last five seasons than any other player in Europe.  That is a fact.  Not Xavi, not Andres Iniesta, but Cesc Fabregas.  No matter who is brought in to replace him, they will not truly be able to replace him; they will simply be playing in his position.  Fabregas was a talismanic captain for the Gunners, leading by example and with emotion.  Though he has always had an eye for Barcelona, no one could ever question his effort on the pitch.  He did, after all, convert a penalty against Barcelona in the Champion’s League with a broken leg.

This weekend sees that most magical of times come back into our lives once again, no it’s not the start of X-Factor or another reality TV show, but the start of the Premier league. Normally I spend every summer thinking this is our year, this is the year that we win back the league title, conquer Europe and win the domestic cups, but with Arsenal starting the season at 5:30pm this Saturday at the scene of perhaps the most disappointing second half performance I have ever had being a Gooner, the impending season start fills me with one thing.....DREAD

The point of collapse?

The game at St James’ Park in February seemed to show that the performances in the weeks running up to this game was maybe not quite as good as we would have thought at the time. Before this game the last time we had lost any game was away to Man Utd in December. Between the Man Utd game and the Newcastle game we won 6 leagues games including Chelsea, but we also drew with Wigan and even Leeds in the F.A. Cup, so maybe the signs should have been there?

On August 21, 2006, when Arsenal played their first Premier League game in their brand new stadium, excitement had spread through the Arsenal fan base.  Though players and fans alike knew Arsenal Stadium at Highbury would be missed, the Gunners would now be playing in a 60,000 seat stadium.  The Emirates Stadium would rival the other “Big” clubs arenas in Europe.  The game that day ended in a 1-1 draw (thanks to a late Gilberto Silva goal, I miss him).  A fitting opening to the stadium, compared to the Gunner’s fortunes since.

I don’t need to tell any Arsenal fan that the last time the team won any type of silverware was the 2005 F.A. Cup.  This has been a frustrating string of campaigns for Arsenal, certainly the most frustrating under Manager Arsene Wenger.  If you’re like me, you thought a move to a bigger stadium would lead to more revenue, and thus the club would be able to add more quality to the squad through that revenue.  Also, everyone likes shiny new things (you know you do!), so to be able to attend Arsenal matches at a brand new stadium would be great for fans.  This would truly be a win-win scenario.  What a nice dream, but so far, not the case.

I have been following Arsenal since I was 8. I’ve been through the good and the bad like the rest of you. Recently I have been widening my Arsenal  radar via internet, the twitter bird, newspapers etc and my already frustrated head has grown to an all new level of frustratedness(is that a word) with the common denominator being; Arsene Wengers transfer policy, scrap that I’m just fed up with his policies full stop. Let me begin....

Mr Wenger you have guided us to glory in the noughties, for that you will be forever remembered as an Arsenal Legend. You gave us the invincible’s a feat that I don’t think will be repeated for a very long time. You’ve given us years of pleasure winning the league at Old Trafford and White Hart Lane! What more could we ask for? Why am I being so harsh? The man has done it on a shoe string. He walks on water!