“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
― Seneca

Latest odds suggest that bookies believe Alexis Sanchez will score less than 12 goals in the Premier League season ahead.

But Sanchez’ big money move to the Emirates Stadium is his own opportunity to put years of preparation into practice and it’s taken a long time for him to get that chance.

The Squirrel

Born in Tocopilla, Chile, his upbringing made the prospect of leading the line for his country in a World Cup the least of his worries.

Growing up in a single storey house with his three siblings, Alexis was raised only by his Mother, who had to work multiple jobs to provide for her children’s safety and welfare.

With boundless amounts of energy, ‘The Squirrel’ as he was nicknamed, used to do all he could in order to pull his weight for survival.

Family Ordeal

Talking to The Sun, his brother Humberto Sanchez described his family ordeal.

“Alexis had nothing when growing up. He had to fight for everything he has.


He would wash cars for a few pence or perform somersaults for a handful of coins from onlookers. He was like a little gymnast, hurling himself all over the place.


The neighbours would give him a few coins for entertaining them. Sometimes he was so hungry he would knock on neighbours' doors and ask for bread.


They would always gibe him what they had to spare. On occasions Alexis would box in the street for entertainment.”

A Chilean Superhero

Alexis Sanchez’ strive to entertain carried out in the way he exhibited football, his natural talent labeling him ‘El Nino Maravilla (The Wonder Kid)’.

His ability to hurl himself around and be doing multiple jobs at the same time reflect his strengths on a football pitch and why Arsène Wenger was so keen to spend £35 million on the Chilean international.

Alongside ‘quality’, the French manager emphasized that the ‘power’ and ‘creativity’ that Alexis Sanchez can bring to the Arsenal front line justifies the price tag paid to Barcelona.

Historic Versatility

Whilst many people doubt that Sanchez is the striker that the Gunners have been waiting for all along, they fail to acknowledge how his historic versatility can work in the sides favour.

Take the World Cup this summer. The Chilean played in a front two which allowed him to score his national teams equaliser against Brazil.

Later on in the same game, he was placed on the inside left of the field, which allowed him to link up with an out and out striker in the form of Mauricio Pinilla.

By becoming the link between midfield and forwards, Sanchez could use his renowned creativity to help the team score a crucial last minute goal.

Ultimately, it was Sanchez’ one-two exchange that resulted in Pinilla’s crossbar effort that would lead to the tragic penalty shootout.

At Udinese, he played just behind the striker, which resulted in his prospects as a striker being curbed with only 21 goals in 112 appearances.

Moving to Barcelona, he was also used as a makeshift player in order to use all his talents in enhancing Lionel Messi’s role at the club.

Nevertheless, he managed to score 21 goals during a season which promised much, but ended in his slow decline and freezing out of the first-team.

Against all odds

This justifies the odds of the player scoring over 11.5 goals next season at 10/11, while scoring less than 11.5 would have a price of 10/11.

Olivier Giroud scored 11 Premier League goals in his first season at the club and it can be argued that his talent is in a dark shadow compared to Sanchez’.

Coming at a high price, with World Cup form, quality, creativity, power and belief, there is no doubt that the Chilean forward can have an impact bigger than Mesut Özil’s last summer.

So when the ball comes in from a Mathieu Debuchy cross from the wing next season, you can be sure that Alexis Sanchez will be ready to finish his opportunity in style, proving all the doubters from his 25 years wrong.

How many goals will Sanchez score in the Premier League this season?

Poll results:

11 or less - 2.3%
12 or more - 97.7%

Put your money where your mouth is

Bet on Alexis Sanchez to score more that 11.5 goals. LINK to the betting market - it closes 16 Aug 15:00
(Market location: Football – Specials - Player specials – Alexis Sanchez specials)



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0 #10 Dave 2014-08-17 19:54
Players still finding their feet, The Hombre will need back up from Carzola, Özil and Theo.. Walcott is the spark that is missing at the moment. Once this team gels with new signings they are going places. 15 in Premier league for Sanchez after slow start..
0 #9 David Kwok 2014-08-13 23:19
Anticipating to see Sanchez to finish with 20 goals n 12 assists or more !
+1 #8 AfghanGunner 2014-08-04 04:42
By the shape of the team and the quality of the squad, ofcourse not to forget about Alexis's quality, he would definitely score par 20 this season, this is for sure, given he is injury free and provided with regular first team opportunities.

Watch out for him. A real contender for player of the season award, even before it starts officially.
+2 #7 Peter Kasmiro 2014-07-31 14:38
Amazing signing! he'll score 29 goals in epl,12 champions league [uefa],8 FA cup and 4 Capital cup, I guess.He is brilliant than Giroud who is reluctant to look for the ball.
+1 #6 Paula 2014-07-31 02:59
Can't wait to see him in action. It will be an exciting season!
+2 #5 Arsensdogg 2014-07-30 21:17
He's gonna get the guns blazzing!!!)25goals first season
+5 #4 fabregaz 2014-07-30 14:32
Sanchez may even hit the 30 goal mark. Giroud missed about 50 and scored 22 last season. How much more a clinical finisher with a more improved and motivated squad? I have a feeling this guy will break the record of highest goals scored in a season by a player @ arsenal and in the EPL should he play through the middle and given freedom to roam!
+5 #3 Atusaye Mboma 2014-07-30 09:47
sanchez will score more than 12 goals this coming season,he is the great player and with the killer passes from özil or cazorla .
+5 #2 k-dog 2014-07-30 04:19
I'm guessing more realistically is around 20 Premier League goals
+11 #1 Nabieu Turay 2014-07-30 01:13
He will score more than 12 goals