Yesterday, I had initially written out and prepared a post about how the end of Arsenal's transfer window this summer very much mirrored our performances on the pitch last season.

We showed great promise, flair, excitement only to falter when it really mattered- dwarfed by the bigger teams and yet again falling behind. Arsenal not buying a striker would have been like going to Tesco, having not eaten for days, with £100  in your pocket and subsequently leaving with ten Miley Cyrus Albums. Negligence of the highest order.

I, along with I'm sure a plethora of Arsenal fans felt real deep rooted anger when David Ornstein tweeted that no players would be coming in on deadline day. It wasn't disappointment that I felt. It went beyond that, I really felt let down, and confused. Like when my mum was late picking me up at the school gate. I felt as if I had been failed.

No Falcao

Falcao, a player that we all desperately craved, was going to UTD, a team that already has 3 strikers better than ours. The tears within me were beginning to surface. My bottom lip was starting to flicker.

Okay I'm being dramatic, and in all honesty I can see why we didn't opt for the Columbian. The money being spoken about is, put rather plainly, a farce. He quite plausibly could have fired us to a title. He would have had a hell of a lot more impact at Arsenal than at Man Utd, of that I'm sure.

But we have to be realistic and highlight that unlike what has been suggested in the press, we have limited resources. We won't and probably never will pay player 350k a week. Just like I won't be taking out Jennifer Lawrence for dinner any time soon (but my word I will try even harder having seen those pictures leaked on twitter. We could be perfect together Jen)

We digress

Welbeck- A signing we should all be relieved with

Around 4 o'clock on deadline day, after the 4687th refresh of my twitter feed, we started to see more movement being made. Some  Welbeck news broke. My initial reaction went like this:


Once my initial anger had passed, I  analysed it more objectively. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made.

He's no Falcao, he's no Cavani, he's no Reus. But he's 23 years old, he has an abundance of premiership experience, a point to prove, he's fast, he's powerful and whenever I've seen him I'm always impressed with his link-up-play.

He's low risk and if played through the middle he could flourish. Arsenal fans becoming livid with Balotelli moving to Liverpool and turning their noses up at Welbeck are falling victim to the 'Foreign Name Syndrome'. Common symptoms of this includes a condition where anyone with a fancy name sounds like a better footballer. If Welbeck was called Welbinho, we would have all been jumping for joy.

Wenger has swiftly moved on all the 'troublemakers' in our squad. Song, Adebayor, Gallas etc. He's not going to start re-signing players of that nature. We steered clear of Balotelli and rightly so.

Welbeck- the missing link

So I held back from posting how let down I was with Wenger because he pulled something out of the bag. He got a lot of unfair abuse yesterday for being at a charity event- I think it's pretty disgusting that a man doing something for charity is damned and ridiculed in an environment where 850mil is being recklessly spent on transfers and where there are players that are getting paid £30 a second. Our manager helped raise money for a good cause. That should be applauded not lambasted.

A solid DM/defensive cover was the only missing link in our transfer window. Welbeck may not be the flavour of the month amongst most us, but he has the potential to leave a very sweet taste in the mouths of Arsenal fans and very sour one in those of the Man Utd fans....if he hits the ground running.

We will have to hope that we can make it through to January with only 6 defenders. But comparing our situation to that of Chlesea and Man Utd, number wise we are very similar. Quality wise, we're miles ahead of UTD so we aren't doing that badly. I'm declaring myself available for the Capital One Cup games if we need a body in there. I have a Mediterranean surname, hopefully that will be enough to appease the fans.

A 7/10 summer

Overall, we did alright in the end. If you told me 12 months ago we would have Sanchez and Ozil in our team I would have thought you were a mad man.

We can have a go this year.

Whether we'll have enough to do it, we will see, but we have a good core of (British) players. Compare a front three of Giroud Cazorla and Podolski with Welbeck Walcott Sanchez, and you see we have added pace and power. The very component we lacked last year. No more excuses now about a lack of movement up front. Our midfield have runners in front of them, so it's up to them now to find them.

It wasn't a stellar transfer window. A Volkswagen rather than a Rolls Royce. But that doesn't mean we can't win the race - we did some decent business that could be fruitful.

Bring on January so we can do this all over again.


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0 #12 felix 2014-09-16 13:26
we really needed a holding midfielder with a lot of experience. our defenders are good apart from nacho monreal. wenger should add some more players if we are to compete with other strong clubs
0 #11 kitty 2014-09-12 11:36
Quoting # Aaron James Ramsey:
We have Rosicky. He always start attacks

And how many times will he start, comming off the bench is no good
0 #10 # Aaron James Ramsey 2014-09-11 17:14
Quoting kitty:
Lets forget about signing every player in Europe for the moment. I think welbeck will score 15 to 20 goals this season. And if he is not in January then we should sign someone. The problem I see is the failure to sign a midfield general. Someone to shore things up and start attacks.

We have Rosicky. He always start attacks
+2 #9 kitty 2014-09-11 08:36
Lets forget about signing every player in Europe for the moment. I think welbeck will score 15 to 20 goals this season. And if he is not in January then we should sign someone. The problem I see is the failure to sign a midfield general. Someone to shore things up and start attacks.
-5 #8 thomas 2014-09-08 09:57 thanks..his goalscoring speaks for itself..we don't need another Giroud we need an Aguero type player who you want the ball to fall to in the dying seconds but no that balls going to drop to Danny boy & most of the time he'll hit the stands!!!!
+5 #7 TC 2014-09-06 09:23
Lets hope he does play well we need some luck, I hope he scores 30 plus and a hat trick against the manure.
0 #6 Paula 2014-09-03 00:59
Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but don't I remember that when Calum Chambers was signed it was said that he was versatile enough to play in the midfield as well as centre back. If that is so couldn't he play as a defensive midfielder like Arteta and Flamini?
0 #5 Sean Williams 2014-09-02 20:52
I am quite a fan of Danny Welbeck. He has been brilliantly schooled and plays selflessly for 90 mins. He will do us well. But Welbeck is not the problem. By not offering enough dosh for William Carvalho or A N Other top class sitting DM, we are relying on Arteta and Flamini to be our minders. They are just not strong enough to contain Chelsea and Man City. We missed a chance to buy a CB too and I am so shocked, Wenger, on deadline day was not in 'his office' to do the business. Watching Harry, Steve Bruce, Ronald Koeman, Roberto Martinez, all working hard to help their clubs shows commitment. I won't write what I think of Wenger except to say he has been negligent. Maybe he has given up? We have a thin squad defensively, a couple of injuries and we are in trouble. I cannot believe how a man like Wenger can fail to start a season with a full squad, with enough cover to win us the league....negligence .
+2 #4 James-Bowchio 2014-09-02 20:35
I think the desperate yearning for a striker exhibited by arsenal fans has been slightly pathetic recently, particularly in the context of the Leicester games. For me, our lack of cutting edge against the foxes had less to do with the rather limited (though strangely alluring) sanogo, than a drop of tempo in the second half coupled with the absence of any willing runners beyond the target man, or any width from the fullbacks. The latter had been a feature of the first half hour of the game, while the lack of midfield runners has plagued us for many years, with even the supernatural perfection of Ramsey in characteristically quiet on Sunday. Sanogo I would argue is a great deal more physical than the handsome French bloke, but controls the ball like a man with two false legs. Who had had his legs replaced with frying pans. Welbeck is a perfect compromise, more physical than giroud, more talented than yaya, and quicker than both. I have to disagree with your foreign name theory; how can you say English players are underrated/underpric ed when shaw, lallana and chambers commanded transfer fees more bloated than nicki minage's backside and Wayne Rooney is paid more than Ozil and Sanchez combined. "Welbinho" I venture could be poached from the Brazilian/ Portuguese leagues for less than the undisclosed 16m we've paid for his services. My main issue with our transfer business was the lack of a defensive purchase. Though chambers has proven him to be the most exciting young English defender around at the moment, arguably the next tony Adams, perhaps the best footballer since pele, more reasonably the greatest living being ever to emerge out of the human gene pool in my humble opinion, we are a couple of injuries away from a panic stricken nacho Monreal attempting to bully the Diego costas of this world. For what it's worth I would have gone for luis gustavo, a player who has played cb for Brazil and battering Munich, who more regularly could provide a physical presence at the heart of our midfield since gilberto was ludicrously allowed to leave. Failure to buy such a player may cost us more this season than can be made up for by the promising Danny welbeck
+1 #3 Colin Phillips 2014-09-02 20:25
Danny is ok, and I think he could be a great signing, but during the next 4-5 months he's got to be as good as Giroud was at the begining of last season. That is going to be tough to hit the gtound running at that pace. Also we are pretty tight at the back right now, and if Kos is out for any time, well do the math.
+10 #2 Savage 2014-09-02 20:02
Welbeck will take a while to wash off his United stain, but a few goals will win over the fans very quickly.

Some Welbeck goals and a fresh Falcao injury would be something to savour!
+4 #1 rellends 2014-09-02 19:51
perfect script for welbeck to make his arsenal debut against man city.