Arsene Wenger had become increasingly under fire as the manager of Arsenal, or should I say not just the manager, rather - the general - the guy who runs everything, at Arsenal. Recent performances or more precisely, recent defensive performances have been atrocious. There’s no doubt in that.

But here’s how I see it.

Last season was a close season. Arsenal dipped at the end, some would say, as expected. However, Arsenal managed to keep clean sheets, albeit conceding as many as 6 in some matches, yes, nevertheless, there were many games where they managed solid defensive performances. But does this not show that Arsenal can defend? That Arsene does have tactical regard? That he can set up his team to defend appropriately?


The difference

Here’s where I think the difference lies. Arteta cannot do it week in week out anymore. Flamini compared to last season has totally passed it, to the point where some even question his existence amongst the Arsenal squad. Last season, Arteta and Flamini were still going decent. Yes they bottled it in the so called ‘big matches’ but it’s fair to say they played their part in solid defensive performances otherwise. They just can’t do it anymore.

Now here’s the dilemma Arsene faces.

We can all moan about why Arsene didn’t go out in the summer and buy a DM. Recent performances by Arteta show he is capable, even if it’s not week in week out, the point is he can still do it. Maybe Wenger thought he can still do a job.

Nevertheless, I’m adamant Arsene searched the market for a DM and I wouldn’t be surprised if the likes of Southampton and Sporting Lisbon quoted ridiculous prices for the likes of Schneiderlin and Carvalho once they knew Arsenal came in for these players. Everyone knows Arsene isn’t going to do a stupid deal. Arsenal doesn’t have the finances to commit the stupid.

So what does Wenger do now? Buy someone else, for the sake of buying a DM? or let Arteta and Flamini show what they can do? Or maybe Wenger has a plan? Just like he had a plan to bring Ozil and Sanchez to the club. Why go for the ‘lesser’ player now, when you can go for a massive signing a season later? Especially when Arsenal don’t have the finances to invest in quality short term players like Chelsea and City do.

Maybe Wenger has a plan. He loves a long term plan. It’s what he’s been working on since the move to the Emirates. Maybe Arsenal must ride this season out, challenge as hard as they can, then next season, Arsene gets his targets. The top quality Sanchez like targets. A Pogba? A Vidal?

I’m sure Arsene has a plan. He very rarely doesn’t. Let’s stick by him because every player would love to play under him, just like Sanchez and Ozil..

Food for thought..

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#9 Macgooner56 2014-12-11 19:28
If not for Wenger there would be no Arsenal???you my son need to go and support another club cos you know eff all about this many fans,(you obviously included) have only ever known Wenger as our manager, we were a massive club before him and we will still be after him. Plenty of managers could put this team right, unfortunately Wengers not one of them any more. We need younger fresher men at the club,out front and in the back room staff,, when you've got younger players it's harder for them to relate to older guys in their 50/60s, we need a fresh approach, I'm sick of hearing about the next Wonder kid we,r gonna sign,bring some established men in who won't wilt in big games!!
+1 #8 chami pastor 2014-12-10 10:02
Arsene Wenger is a master planner, economist, linguistic,a successful coach and all u can call him. His previous intention was to develop youngsters to the international level, and actually he made it . Currently he doesn't need to go back to Target one, he has to use money to win trophies not otherwise.Prof Wenger, in January window make sure u buy DM and a strong centre forward who will support Sanchez and his company
+1 #7 backbum georg 2014-12-09 18:11
Well written sir. Wenger made Arsenal.If not for Wenger, there would be no Arsenal. I will keep supporting Arsenal till Wenger goes, and when he goes,I will follow him to the next club.

Follow me on twitter @spudanticgeorg/back bumgeorge
#6 TakeALookClosely 2014-12-09 18:05
Arsenal = developing youth players.. maybe that's why we're not deeper enough in the squad..(less big name in the substitutes). Because if we do the youngster more unlikely to get first team chances. The risk is quality of the game going down if "some" first team players got injuries. Just like now..
It's easy to blame Wenger on Stoke, but you must realize fact in that match if Per, Chambers, Gibbs, Bellerin, one of them got injured who's gonna play? Sanchez become Centre Back? (koscielny, debuchy, monreal injured). All i'm saying is we've not enough resources at back. Unorganize? of course, because we playing two teenagers in back four + no.3 goalkeeper. what are you expecting? no clubs in PL playing two teenagers in back four + no.3 goalkeeper in away game. Why? because we have no options left. Even Pep Guardiola with that squad, i don't think makes any different..
I'm fan of beloved Arsene Wenger. I become manager because of him..
+1 #5 Arsene the legend 2014-12-09 17:56
I agree with the author.Give him some more time. Be careful what you wish for, Arsenal fans.

Wenger for life

Yours Chelsea fans.
+2 #4 joleen 2014-12-09 16:16
Are you mad?

how can you have faith in arsene? have the last 10 years taught you nothing?

Wenger is past it, no longer a visionary but stuck in the past... last season was the easiest year ever to win the premier league, utd, chelsea and man city were as bad as they have ever been. Liverpool came 2nd for christ sake!!!!!!!!!!

If arsine signs a dm and a cb nothing will change because of his philosophies. players will still go out at stoke unorganised and unmotivated
+2 #3 WengerOUTNOW 2014-12-09 15:53
"Arsene has a plan. Her very rarely doesn't"
What world are you living in. He never has a plan, Ever. The geezer is a fraud collecting 8 million a year and has been for 5/6/7 years.
And the people that still believe in him are the people that don't want the club to succeed.
+1 #2 Ar$ene 2014-12-09 15:48
Yes he has a plan to milk the fans dry and thieving money out of the club
+4 #1 Spursene 2014-12-09 15:31
Wenger doesn't like wasting the clubs resources? Like he is going to offer Diaby a new deal just bea new contract.