No is the answer from Charlie Nicholas when asked by Sky Sports although he does believe Arsenal will be the closest title challenger to Chelsea this season.

When the full time whistle blew on Saturday, Arsenal fans were starting to believe they may have an outside shot at the title. As the gap closed to 4 points, there was a new found optimism although fans did want to keep this on this low.

However, Chelsea who had two games in hand at the time still had the advantage but it’s better to have points in the bag at his stage of the season, that believe got stronger when Chelsea were pegged back after being 2-0 up. Were they going to drop points at Hull ultimately not as Remy went and scored the winner but one thing was for sure Chelsea did not look convincing.

That believe was right to be strong in my opinion as if we look at a resurgent Arsenal then anything is possible. Arsenal who are placed at the top of the form table have 6 wins in 6 or 9 wins out of 10 with the only loss coming from that crap on the other side of North London.

Ramsey and Giroud then came out and said they still have a chance at winning the league. It seemed like everyone was thinking the same but most Arsenal fans remained redundant to the fact that this was just going to be another 4th placed finish.

Giroud said the following:

“There’s still eight games to play so we need to focus on our games and step by step we’re going to see. First we need to win every single game and then after we need to see if City or Chelsea miss one of these steps.

“You never know, you have to believe in football and that’s why we want to win every single game.”

Wenger was also quizzed on the possibility but remained tight lipped and said that Chelsea still have the security of a points gap.

As of today Charlie Nicholas gave his views on the title race. Nicholas believes Arsenal need to aim higher than the top 3 and believe they will seal top 4 with a win against Liverpool. This then means that the Chelsea game at the end of April can have a significant bearing on the title race.

“But Arsenal can’t stop at that, they have to strive for the league title. They’re not contenders right now, but you have to be ready in case Chelsea slip up.

“All it takes is a couple of draws from Chelsea for an opportunity to arise, and Arsenal have Chelsea at home still to come.”

Nicholas says he believes that the players are ready and have a belief they can do it.

“I sensed at full-time at Newcastle that there was belief there, there was an attitude that said ‘we’re ready’.

“And if Chelsea do slip up, Arsenal are the team with the momentum right now, not Manchester City.

“So, let’s go for second at the very least, and if Chelsea wobble then let’s take advantage of them, that’s what Arsenal can do.”

All Arsenal can do is keep winning their games and see where they end up. If Arsenal could sustain this kind of form for the whole season then I have no doubts that Arsenal will lift the Premier League trophy once again. However, can they do it this season only time will tell?

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+1 #4 Julious 2015-03-25 17:02
Never believed we would get this far,so I have to believe anything is possible.However it will require Chelsea losing four of their last games, Man City three and Arsenal winning all of the games both these teams lose, a tall tall order, but who knows
+1 #3 glosgooner 2015-03-25 09:20
Of course we can I said it months ago,all our squad is coming back to fitness. Apart from an exceptional Few.we always have a stronger run in,and I for one as a dedicated GOONER BELIEVE. Come on you riplease roaring reds,the crucial game will be the 3 points against Chelsea, which this time is ours,end of.
+2 #2 Parle 2015-03-25 07:39
To finish 2nd and close as possible to a tiring Chelsea side would be statement that we are ready for a title push next season
+1 #1 Paula 2015-03-24 22:07
A bit of a pipe dream but, hey, you never know! COYG