1- The goalkeeper

Petr Cech. During the last few months, every pundit imaginable has been saying how much of a difference Cech could make at Arsenal. The point might be made too often, but it doesn’t mean it is any less significant. With Arsenal having their best keeper since David Seaman, defensive stability is bound to follow.

2- No World Cup hangover

Arsenal started last season with 3 players who had won the World Cup, along with several others who spent most of their summer break playing international football in another continent. It is no coincidence that Arsenal struggled at the start of the season, while Chelsea began to run away with the league in August, with a core of Terry, Matic, Fabregas and Costa. None of those players had a full game during the World Cup.

3- Mesut Ozil

This has been Ozil’s complete first pre-season with Arsenal, and he is looking all the better for it. The German International signed on deadline day in 2013, and missed last year’s pre-season due to the aforementioned World Cup. The adaptation period should be over now, and there is nothing to stop him proving to the world that he is worth the £42.5m that Wenger shelled out on him two years ago.

4- Shad Forsythe

Arsenal spent a net of around £83m before the 2013/4 season, but the most important signing was arguably Shad Forsythe, the American fitness coach who oversaw Germany’s World Cup winning squad. One example of Forsythe’s experience coming into practice was the recovery of Olivier Giroud. The Frenchman broke his foot in August last season, and was not expected back until January. However, under the American's supervision, Giroud was able to return in November, two months earlier than originally anticipated. The club has already seen Wilshere’s expected return date be reduced from 12 weeks to just 2.

5- Theo Walcott.

The English international signed a new deal recently, keeping him with the club until 2019. While his injury record is far from ideal (he has only played 30 league games twice in his career), his goal scoring record is impressive. The 26 year old managed 21 goals in his last fully fit campaign, playing on the wing. If Arsenal don’t end up signing another striker, expect him to be used there as an alternative to Giroud.

6- Pre-Season Treble.

While pre-season titles mean next to nothing on their own, it is better to win them than lose them. Arsenal won the Asia Cup trophy, Emirates Cup and Community Shiled, beating the English champions, and the runners up in France and Germany on the way to the “pre-season treble”. A Wenger win over Mourinho is another thing that the media can stop obsessing about too, so that’s nice.

7-A winning formula.

The emergence of Francis Coquelin, combined with the resurgence of Nacho Monreal, were key factors that led to Arsenal having the most consecutive victories in the Premier League last year. If the Gunners start the 2015/16 season the way they ended the 2014/15 season, it will be theirs to lose. Arsenal have already proved they can sign top players, put together a fantastic run of form, beat other top teams, and win trophies. Now all that is needed is for them to combine those things, and the title will return to north London.

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+1 #5 AFC Blogger 2015-08-21 23:29
Like your optimism - if we can improve our injury record then we'll definitely have a great chance
+1 #4 Varney K. Kamara 2015-08-08 09:50
I am happy for their performance during the pre-season games and the way the premiere league.

But they still need to sign world class striker to equip the striking force for this season.
+1 #3 Temitope Johnson 2015-08-08 05:26
I love my darling team,we are the most loyal fan a club could have,so,please hear our cry,a defensive midfielder and an all out striker is still needed,we are in all competition and we want to prove ourselves so injury cannot be inevitable, with all my
-1 #2 Moking 2015-08-07 23:07
This side with an out and out striker would be strong contenders in all comps no doubt about it , about time we stuck out our chests and boss our season
+1 #1 Paula 2015-08-07 22:09
Let's hope! I must say I feel much more confident than I have for the past few years. Let's hit the ground running this season and not lose confidence. This is the year we can prove all the naysayers wrong!