Sunday’s disappointing defeat to Manchester United has once again raised questions about the manager and the players. A lacklustre display with no character has again raised questions about the mentality of this side. Nicknamed the bottlers and chokers Arsenal have once again lived up to their title. But what has gone wrong?

Flying High

Not too long ago Arsenal were flying high at the top of the league beating Manchester City and laying down a marker. On the night it seemed as though Arsenal were turning a corner and this year would be the year they lift the tile again. However, since that day things have never been the same. Humiliated at Southampton on Boxing Day was just one example of a weak mentality being shown by this Arsenal side. Cracking under the pressure again raised questions but Arsenal recovered with scrappy wins against Bournemouth and Newcastle with the latter being the better team on the day.

Struggling for form

It was imperative that Arsenal picked up points with a set of away fixtures coming up and for 89 minutes at Anfield Arsenal had been excellent. However, Joe Allen equalising in the last minute was a bitter pill to swallow but this was followed up by a good point away at Stoke. This followed with defeat to Chelsea and a draw at home to Southampton.  Arsenal then went to Bournemouth and won to give fans hope once again and keep many dreaming.

The Return of Welbeck

Then came one of the biggest matches of the season with league leaders Leicester coming to the Emirates. With an Arsenal side struggling to find the net they somehow used all that character to score a 94th minute winner with Welbeck scoring on his return after 10 months. As the ball nestled in the net the Emirates erupted which many thought would be a turning point.

Out of Form

However, reality hit home when losing to an understrength Manchester United side. So what has gone wrong? Players such as Ramsey, Walcott, Sanchez and Giroud are all struggling for form which has definitely been evident with Sanchez who doesn’t look like the player he was. The same can be said about Giroud who cannot score a goal at the moment which is shown as he is on his longest drought of 9 games. Furthermore, Ramsey has been poor in the centre which has not done him any good after complaining about playing wide. Without Cazorla the midfield does not have the same control.

The Future

The last 24 hours have been emotional for all Arsenal fans who are seeing the league slip through their fingers once again. Yesterday’s performance was not good enough and was abysmal. Apart from Cech and Ӧzil no player turned up which is disappointing considering we are going for a league title. No leadership and a lack of effort really sat uneasy with a lot of fans and rightly so. However, as a massive Wenger fan it left me with one question. Is Wenger still good enough? The romantic in me believes so but if Arsenal fail to win the league questions must be asked. Arsene Wenger has put his faith in this team and refused to sign an outfield player in the summer. Now he must be judged on that decision.

Although, the blame has been with the players and manager, questions must be asked of those above. Their leadership and mentality is an issue as well but this could also be said of the fans. It amazes me on Twitter when fans celebrate an Ӧzil assist like that gets you points. We as fans must have a winning mentality and not just celebrate individual achievements. We must encourage the players at every opportunity which has not always been the case with the Emirates often been quiet and flat.

The next two games could define Arsenal’s season and decide Wenger’s fate. However, in all of this we must remember the good work Wenger has done for Arsenal. Whatever happens Wenger deserves to be treated with respect and leave with dignity. It’s time for those players who Wenger has believed in and trusted to start delivering.  On Saturday Arsenal play the second of those games against their north London rivals which is a must win.  There are no more excuses for this side and Wenger especially if Leicester or Spurs win the league. This time it will not be down to the money spend like previous years.

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+1 #27 kimani 2016-06-20 14:49
Arsenal is a big team unless you guys don't see this
+1 #26 mr.bwanjose 2016-05-26 22:43
mr.wenger u must buy number 5 like sol compbell another striker like costa of chelsea & one midfielder eg that balloteli can help arsenal to win atroph next season thanx
0 #25 Mike Dunne 2016-04-24 19:59
Yet another lack lustre display from the Gunners. The defence looked very shaky st times, and the offence could not manage a score. We will be lucky to finish 4th. Look at Leicester without their star forward they managed to win 4-0. How did we do against the same opposition!
The players do not look the same as they were before Christmas. Has Giroud managed a premier league goal this year?
0 #24 Mike Dunne 2016-04-03 22:41
Wenger wants to play the same game all the time. Possession is everything, and to play attacking football. Whilst the latter is a good idea, but sometimes it is better to wait and hit some clubs on the break.look what happened against Man City.
I think he should treat each game on its merits. When I played we discussed the oppositions strengths and weaknesses.
0 #23 Hector ofuobi. 2016-03-19 22:07
I believe the board don't give a *** about the fans because if they does Arsene wenger should have been sacked long time ago it's obvious the french man has seen it all and have nothing new to offer the club he has passed his prime and need to resign and go take a rest the players in arsenal are just average imagine the wacott Ramsey chamberlain all is championship materials and not premiership for arsenal to revitalise they need to buy players great players at such except that I'm afraid we wl keep having the same result and be content with 4th position year in year out.
+1 #22 orjiizzy 2016-03-15 12:56
I think all what Arsenal need now is change, because the change they are experiencing now is not the one am referring to.
+1 #21 Tamiru Girma 2016-03-08 11:10
I think a lot can be said.But the main problem seems to my understanding could be the mentality of both players and the manager & players. There's not winning mentality in each game.Corrective measures should be taken when players commit make mistakes & as a coach Wenger should always be on the stand Pont encourage players.Above all, top attackers should be injected to z club.
+2 #20 ibrahim 2016-03-03 07:28
I hate wenger's bias and selfish tactics, he refuse to buy an attacker b'cos of his France giroud, what kind of substitute is that, his can't substitute a player in 60 minutes of a game until 73 or 75, what could a fresh player will come in and do for only 30 minutes,
What I always realise was that rite before a stating of a game he use to point out how he want to substitute even if that person plays well. For instance, just check out what happened during arsenal bacelona's game, why did he substitute coquiline with flamini and flamini came in by seeing him you know he was afraid of the game.
Look at yesterday game why chambell.
0 #19 simon 2016-03-02 09:43
At this moment Arsenal needs to buy players that fit in the arsenal team,like some one says their players in arsenal that are fit to be playing in the championship the likes of Ramsey,Walcott is completely off form yet Wenger brings him for 85 mins,those of chambelin run faster than the ball.Sometimes when arsenal is playing you wonder if Wenger is looking,sometimes you question his managerial abilities esp when the team is doing badly and he delays to make substitutions or even makes wrong ones because to be sincere for example the man u match we lost it because of delay in substitution or wrong substitution.I think the arsenal board needs to sit down and resolve some issues if the club is to win trophies unless they are interested in being in the top four season after season.
-1 #18 ELIKANAH WAMBUA 2016-03-02 09:32
Wenger should not down look any team if from out of England or inside,He should also advice his players not to do so,because we don't see any small team in the world.spirit of underrating teams will finish big team like arsenal,it is good to do what is supposed to be done in any stadium.
+2 #17 Peter 2016-03-02 08:19
Surely it is very clear to everyone, Walcott thinks he is above the game, Ramsey although a Welsh International (yes I know) is really a Championship League player, Oxlade-Chamberlain needs to go out on loan, Mertesacker should consider retirement from playing and Mr Wenger should recognise that his management role is fairly under question and he too should consider his position.
+2 #16 Cotter 2016-03-01 22:40
Firstly I have always supported Wenger in his most difficult periods and AFC for 50 years.

I have been saying AFC will not win the premiership since November.

Assuming the only achievement is CL next season, which is nor an achievement for AFC, the game is up either for Wenger or for me.

Wenger assured us a busy Jan tfr window. God did we need it! Mertesaker OUT, a real Viera like DMF and a striker were, all requisites to win the Prem.

Sorry AFC are not showing any ambition, They will get what they deserve - Nothing.

I think i will put my energies elsewhere from now on, and perhaps return to Conference matches.
+2 #15 valchuks123 2016-03-01 22:31
The problem with Arsenal is Wenger,he continues to believe in all this substandard players,all this british players should go,walcot,Ramsey,cha mberlin plus Artheta,flamini
Moreover,Wenger is a reactive coach,he allows sn opponent to score b4 he starts making corrections
+1 #14 Macgooner56 2016-03-01 22:20
Wenger is the problem, he binned podolski cos he disagreed with him, just like he's done to lots of other big names, but Wenger runs the club like a dictator so he will never be sacked, he's like that last person at the party who just can't accept its over and now it's time to leave, if he's there next season I'm suspending all interest cos Iv had enough,
+3 #13 dcdc 2016-03-01 22:06
Agree with the sentiments of many others:
1. Kroenke doesn't give a $hit
2. Wenger is about 10 years past his sell-by date
3. Total lack of leadership at the management and playing levels, and
4. Season tickets holders should be staying away in droves, and not renewing.
+1 #12 A.M.Barber 2016-03-01 16:01
Surely it must Wenger,s priority to elect a TEAM leader who gets a grip of the headless chickens when under pressure, we don't,seam to talk to each other.Then get shot of Walcott Ramsey.Oxlade Chamberlain,Giroud. I like most don't think Wenger has any idea where to go nor has done for a long time, but not sure its a priorty of Kroenke his vast empire of sports teams rarely achieve top spot.So unless he goes of his own free will he will be there for the duration.
+5 #11 olu_seun 2016-03-01 14:32
Wenger is the main problem, he's yet to find an answer to teams like Soton, Westbrom, Westham, Stoke, after all these years. I really don't understand how/what he analyses with the players after each game. Kept getting same result every season against these teams is appalling. Its ok when a team got 1 bogey team but arsenal's bogey teams are up to 5 if not more. Wenger should just honourably retire at the end of the season.
+1 #10 solomon 2016-03-01 08:52
I agree with you john the only thing to force wenger out or for him to buy quality players is an empty stadium.
+1 #9 Wolfgang 2016-03-01 08:11
Wenger likes to hog possession. In the MU game the gunners had 61% possession and yet lost.Earlier in the season they had less possession and yet beat the Blues.
His style is too predictable with a series of passes sideways and backwards and seldom forward.When they get to the box they try to weave their way through. This is easy to counter by putting bodies in the way.
Watch how MU scored .A direct ball to the centre evading the defenders and found the upstart who shot home.
Why cant Arsenal go direct instead of a series of complicated passes.Until this changes the gunners will have problems scoring and Wenger will have to pay the price.l
0 #8 Gunner Smith 2016-03-01 07:56
Arsene is the problem.He doesn't bother about defence. That's why the gunners will continue to ship goals like in the MU game unless they had they got a much better defence. Recall Clichy saying the gunners don't practice defence drills. To add insult to injury when the post of defenc e coach was broached,he reacted angrily saying he had 30 years coaching experience. How come the gunners cant prevent simple goals being scored?
Watch how other teams score against Arsenal and the gunners trying to score.You do the Maths.When MU scored ,they had 5/6 players in the box against the same no of defenders. When the gunners try to shoot,they are faced with 9/10 defenders and yet they still want to thread the ball through.So when it is lost/intercepted a counter attack is on . Why cant the forwards score with acres of space and time on his side.
Until Wenger plays like other teams ,the gunners will continue to lose.
I hope he can prove the cynics wrong by beating Swansea nd Spurs other wise I' , m afraid his days are numbered.
+1 #7 red 2016-03-01 06:23
Arsene Wenger! that's whats wrong with Arsenal
+4 #6 Simon 2016-03-01 03:57
At the end of the season, Wenger should retire. That would allow him to leave with full dignity. He's done a lot for the club and English football but he is unable to marshal the talent at his disposal to achieve any greatness. His replacement will be interesting; I wonder where Berkamp is on his badges?
+3 #5 The BearMan 2016-03-01 03:23
Can someone please put Wenger on the bench for a month and bring in T Henry as temporary manager and Martin K as assistance coach for the period.

Wenger is suffering manager's block. Run out of ideas!
+1 #4 Lee 2016-03-01 02:48
Its true John, he is here to stay. But surely there comes a point when so many supporters are making their point online regards Wenger and the obvious deficiencies of the team. That something has to be done!!! The past few days I have read the most ardent fans giving up on him, and Im one of them. Im not in a position to go to games to boycott, but would no problem. The best I can offer is the idea of an info graphic of negative comments and complaints and get it viral, i.e. what the arsenal fans are saying...celebrities remarks included. Everyone says the same things, its obvious what needs to be done with Arsenal
+1 #3 John 2016-03-01 02:26
They will not sack Wenger,the only way is to have empty stadium.dont turn up for home games
+4 #2 Lee 2016-03-01 01:57
Never posted to any site....Gooner for 20 years and always pro Wenger. However enough is enough. Although I have always respected the man for what he has done for us, he now seems delusional (judging by his post match analysis Sunday) and has proved all season that he is tactically inept, highlighted Sunday by starting Walcott, Subbing Coquelin for Elneny and bringing on Iwobi instead of Campbell. Ramsey has been seriously woeful all season in center midfield, his touch, pass, positional play are all sub standard, yes he can get his fair share of goals at times, but Alex Song could make a fine assist to. Finally please sell Walcott, Chamberlain and Ramsey. If these players were not british would they still be where they are, what is Wengers frickin deal !!!!

Angry Gunner
+2 #1 Ukesox 2016-03-01 01:57
I think there's a rift in the dressing room following Mertesackers post Barca match comments that the team lost because of their failure to take it's chances in front of goal. This was a direct criticism of the attacking players which was completely out of order given that the game was lost due to defensive errors that he was at the centre of. Scoring goals of late has been an issue & Mert vented the frustration that has probably been brewing for some time. Very bad timing & not good for team moral. Against United they didn't remotely look like they were playing for each other.