As the saying goes "All good things come to an end" and I think now is the time Arsenal and Arsene part ways and say goodbye. There is no doubting what the man did for our club but the past few years we have seemed to stagnate a little and fan unrest has grown and grown to a point of fans not turning up to tomorrow night’s game and others planning a 75th minute walkout.

A title run left in tatters and now facing a fight for 4th we have seen this all too many times and us fans are just sick of it now, Wenger has no bottle anymore he doesn’t seem to know how to change games or see them out anymore, he is showing too much loyalty to players that are just not good enough, all of this has turned fans mood sour. Everywhere I look on Twitter fans want him out, we don't want him anymore.

Arsene is too stubborn and won't change his ways in order to succeed, football changes and there becomes a time when you must change, old tactics sometimes don't work like they used to, we have become predictable and boring, passing sideways and not really going anywhere or even shooting in some cases like Sunday. It was an all too familiar story, not seeing games off and conceding late and throwing away valuable points AGAIN! The team was just motivated and that's down to the manager, Leicester dropped points but do you think he sent the players out fighting? Oh no, same old slow boring play as we've became accustomed to the last few years.

My other point is how he is blatantly dismissing the fans, he isn't listening to a thing that is being said he won't explain any decision he makes he feels he does not owe it to the fans to explain his decisions, only today he was asked by a reporter would he explain his decisions to fans now about his subs on Sunday he replied "No", an explain of how the club as a whole do not care about the fans.

He also doesn't believe we need to make major signings in the Summer, so he is saying our squad now is pretty much readymade which is certainly so wrong we need to address some issues that our constantly coming back to haunt us, it's another sign of his stubbornness not addressing the most obvious issues in the squad, so as long as he is in charge we will continue to disappoint us.

Besides what I have said, no one wants to act the way we are towards Wenger we would love to give the send off he deserves and give the man the respect he has earned and deserves also but he is threading a very thin line and if he continues as we are he is risking tarnishing everything he has done for us and will go out a hated man in the end. I think we would all love it if he was to go out in with a bang and spend the budget available to him and have one last real bang at the league and go out with the reputation he deserves but sadly from reading his last comments it doesn't look likely.

I'll leave you all on this note, do you want Wenger to stay or go? I for one don't, his time is up.

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-2 #21 Alacante 2016-05-06 08:58
no offense i think wenger should stay ol he has to do is change his philosophies a bit , and if you look at arsenal this season the man is trying to change give him another season
+2 #20 twesigye peter 2016-05-04 16:36
Wenger should go . We acknowlege what contributions he has acchieved for us but i believe it's time for him to go
+2 #19 YUSUPH MOHAMED 2016-04-29 13:05
We Arsenal Fans far away from Emirates we had nothing to do for better future of our club, I personally blamed all arsenal fans and supporter In London and England in General you are responsible for what has been happening each year as you lack solidarity and taking issues seriously, why cant you demonstrate and boycott for better future of the club?????
What I mean is, Do not buy any single season tickets until you are assured that either Wenger is out OR he is buying at least Five Standard Players and get rid off simple price and low standard players like Giroud, Mertasacker, Flamin, Yaya Sanogo, Arteta and Even Gibbs and buy Valuable players
+3 #18 Macgooner56 2016-04-24 20:36
Just got back from Sunderland game, lots of cash spent,lots of time spent,watched another pathetic display of players who just don't believe in themselves anymore, Wengers team, Wengers tactics, Wengers responsibility, every body happy????
+2 #17 Spursfan 2016-04-21 21:08
Yeah. Let "winger" go. You've been in the top 4 for god knows how many seasons.... You've won the double.... You've won FA Cups.... All with "winger" in charge. Yeah get rid. After all, look how well Man U are doing, since their best manager left.... Hope he does leave, then maybe you turncoats will realise how good you had it
+2 #16 Fredrick 2016-04-21 09:33
The thing is his old policy and rigidity so if he spend money and bring world class player am okay other wise let him go.
+2 #15 marc 2016-04-21 08:25
its time to go, he has to leave, we cant repeat the same mistakes every year and wenger is just keeping a blind eye to wat is so obvious, we need to spend money and buy quality players and a new manager with fresh ideas to move the club forward. wenger has lost the plot. please leave ARSENE WENGER, enough is enough .
+1 #14 Namussasi N Moscent 2016-04-21 06:14
If the board feels that he still has equations to solve at Arsenal,fans will appreciate seeing this done under a more different capacity but not managing the team.When the board makes money by improving revenue it is condemned to comfort zones even when fans who have stakes in the club are languishing with heart attacks.It is a shame that a club of Man City's caliber that seldom trace its history well can find their way to the Champion's league quarters and possibly semis/finals yet the gunners remain crying babies to be eliminated by a club struggling in their local league like Barcelona who surprisingly are beaten by smaller clubs like EIBAR,GETAFE,A Madrid just to name a few. Arsene with his experience has never mastered the Art to beat Barcelona even after boasting a long stint at the club more than his opponent at Barcelona.Hii ni hujuma na mashabiki ndio tunaoumia!!!!
+1 #13 Namussasi N Moscent 2016-04-21 05:57
The respect for Arsene is still a pillar at the club.This is what every fan has in mind.However there comes a time when ideas fade and am sure this is the time.It is not late anyway,he can restored the fans trust by strengthening divisions of weakness.For a manager who understands well where we have come from,moving from stardom to lull is apparently not what we are after.In football,consistence is always the order of the day and mistakes done occasionally becomes a thorn in the flesh.It is now fans time to shake the board.We are the team,players will retire but we will remain immortal.
#12 Anthony Chejieh 2016-04-21 05:42
It is time to say bye to Wenger. I think he has nothing to offer anymore. He has done well, no doubt about that.
+2 #11 Brenda MCCORRY 2016-04-21 01:31
You are all a disgrace the way are treating a man of his age and some one who has give a lot to this club and walk out if you want
+4 #10 AQ 2016-04-21 00:35
Making a point against Wenger? Pathetic!!.Gazidis and Kroenke's face should be up there not Wenger's. Walk for those two ***ers not Wenger. Arsenal fan TV got to you much? FU.
-2 #9 ibrahim Danbaba kafa 2016-04-20 23:33
Pls, wenger should go, and let person like simone to come, jst look at his tactics, he lost at first leg with Baca but didn't give off but is that hw wenger is?
I always say this that he want to do no matter what with his France guys. So even if he wants that, why not he should get the good one? Pls wenger should go.
And I will share this massage and inform the fans in my town to do the same thing by walking away at 75th minutes.
#8 justus 2016-04-20 22:41
It's time for Mr wenger to move on he has done more harm to arsenal fans. Than good old ideas never work in modern football. So wenger f. K off
+1 #7 Macgooner56 2016-04-20 22:26
Wenger is ruining everything he's done at the club, he's the mate at your party that just won't go home, anyone who thinks he should stay is probably someone whose never really known another manager, yes you Philbet,8m a year?he f#cked up in the CL by playing Ospina, he f# cked up in the capital one cup playing a weakened team, he f#cked up in the FA cup not putting out a team to beat Watford, and he's f# cked up the title challenge by just sitting staring while we tap 2yd pass's sideways or backwards, he's yesterday's man with yesterday's ideas and tactics, if he cares for this club like he says then he,l leave, if he just cares about cash then he,l stay, he's a busted flush!!!
-5 #6 Philbet 2016-04-20 21:32
Oh and as for fans leaving at the 75th minute you have a snowballs chance in hell,talks cheap in internet land where people watch on illegal streams from there lonely little rooms the real money paying fan will NEVER go for a small minded petty charade of a protest, so switch your stream off at 75 minutes if you like. you will not be missed.
-3 #5 Philbet 2016-04-20 21:26
The maniacal Wenger out crowd are so pathetic, they could not make a decision about the make up of there own breakfast never mind who runs a football club, its debatable whether they even be should be allowed to comment on it, The facts are Wenger would get a new job before they could even make there first post dishing and moaning about his replacement,If Wenger were currently elsewhere looking for a club the WO boys would be clamoring to have him at Arsenal,
If some one were to tell them so n so were a top manager they would be led by the nose to start screaming "so n so" in. they have never had an original thought in there own sad pitiful lives and just want the world to know there lives a sad and disappointing.
+2 #4 mulefeyi 2016-04-20 20:38
if he is ready to made change I'm happy if he stay!
+4 #3 Mick 2016-04-20 18:47
Stasis, even though it's always in the top four, it's still stasis. You make all the key points, Wenger won't change when everything has changed. I wish him well on his philosophical crusade to mix banking and football but that's not what we are paying him for. He has created an environment where everyone thinks fourth is a trophy and players do laps of honour after home wins against, no disrespect, Leicester. Taxi for Mr Wenger please...
+1 #2 levy 2016-04-20 18:44
the guy has to go it is as simple as that, 12 f***kn years and stl counting, "lets respond in the next game " i am tired of his absurd and how hes turned arsenal mediocre, he has to go
+2 #1 Jack 2016-04-20 18:26
Yes, it's time to go.

The man answers to no one and his arrogance is only matched by his incompetence.

The lunatic "Wenger In" fringe are now in the minority, but still believe in Wenger and ask who could ever replace him. The answer is that there are many managers and coaches with fresher ideas, better tactical and motivational skills. Also managers that are much younger and more in touch with young players today.

... and anyway, who ever knew much about Wenger when he arrived?

Either Unai Emery or Thomas Tuchel would be a great replacement for Wenger and Diego Simeone a modern George Graham, but with a lot more money to spend.