Over the last 48 hours the transfer window has become a better place for most Arsenal fans. As the fans await the impending arrivals of Lucas Perez and Shkrodan Mustafi pundits and journalists have not been shy in giving their opinion on the latest recruits.

The latest remarks which have appeared on social media come from The Sun journalist Charlie Wyett who tweeted

“Arsenal have now spent nearly £100m on players and not a world-class player in sight. Terrible management by Wenger. Top 4 at best”

This is not a dig at Mr Wyett as most journalist and pundits have come to this conclusion.  Firstly, the definition of world class will differ from person to person which means any tweet of remark can be viewed differently. For example, there are only ten really world class players in my opinion which means the rest are just very good and that includes the £96 million acquisition Paul Pogba.

Although Xhaka, Mustafi, Perez are not considered world class players they are very good players and it is pointless comparing signing to other teams. For example, Darren Fletcher on the BBC compared the signing of Lucas Perez to Manchester United’s summer spending.  Firstly, Manchester United needed to spend big to catch up with Arsenal as Arsenal finished three places above them.  Let’s take the example of Henrik Mkhitaryan is he any better than Ӧzil? The answer to that is no meaning they have not advanced in that area.


Mustafi may not be a world class player as some pundits would put it but that doesn’t mean he is a bad defender. When I asked Raphael Honigstein this who watches German football he replied to me by saying “he's very solid. decent CB.”  

Therefore, this should be an upgrade on what Arsenal already have. This point Honigstein did agree with me.


Perez may not be the centre forward every fan wanted but he must be a decent player if Barcelona were tracking him. If reports in Spain are to be believed then he actually turned down Barcelona as he was already in negotiations with Arsenal. Again if he is good enough for Barcelona why not Arsenal?  Yes he may not be the same player as Zlatan but that is the only area united have improved.  Let’s give the player a chance as the same journalists were writing Vardy off before last season.


Over recent seasons Arsenal have been accused of having a lack of leaders from many pundits as well as stating they need a centre back, defensive midfield and centre forward. All of these have been addressed this summer once the deals have been concluded as well as adding leaders onto the pitch. Xhaka a solid defensive midfield which many pundits miss when they are trying to drive their agenda. Experts from Germany have all agreed he is a leader and will bring those attributes to the midfield as well as not being afraid to put a tackle in.

Mustafi, captain of Valencia is also known to be another leader which again will improve Arsenal.

Overall, Arsenal may not have signed any world class players on perception but they have added what they have needed. Every position which pundits have moaned about have been filled and leaders have been added. The fans need to get behind the new boys and hope they prove everyone wrong. Finally, if pundits are still moaning then they must have an agenda because let’s face it there has not been one world class addition to the premier league this year.

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+1 #17 Sir Red 2016-08-31 19:48
Mustafi is good and perez is too but we really needed another proper like toprak kjaer or gimenez but perez will he be a vardy?
+1 #16 Ibrahim Danbaba 2016-08-31 06:18
@Daniel Hobson , I always like your article in fact my arsenal jounalist. as arsenal fan concern we are certified now bcos we don't want names or reckless spending. Paul can not be as good as the three boys we brought in NAD bet me. if care isn't taking even the Bailly of man united by mere seeing we shall come and will not be where to found cos as I can see his pattern of playing , he d a good player but not better than mustafi . so when. the league start becoming topw. you can see him now movvic xos movic isnt as too fast as perez and movic is feeling big as aworld class. so the result will be different. Ibrahim from Nigeria is welcoming mustafi and perez lucas as .y world best pkayers. oo Allah I say not to injury on my players this time.I will be among the contestant
+1 #15 Naphtaly Onyango 2016-08-30 18:38
Wenger has done what i ever longed for.Hope this season we shall b somewhere..VIVA ARSENAL VIVA
+1 #14 Kule 2016-08-30 10:22
I love the analysis. Wenger has added matter to the team.
+2 #13 curtis kayman-Zambia 2016-08-30 08:32
At last i can breath. Perez will shock them all. wait and see.
+1 #12 Mike Dunne 2016-08-29 19:58
Let us all be patient. Wenger is a good manager. Arsenal needed to strengthen the defense. Three midfielders have left so we needed a couple of holding midfielders. Likewise we have been short up front and relied on one slowish centre forward. Now we have a bit of speed to use.
Arsenal need a leader, let us hope one of the new recruits may also fill that role. But at least he has put his hand in his pocket to try and strengthen!
+2 #11 Peter 2016-08-29 09:52
Well said. Not necessarily world class but very good players indeed.
+2 #10 Pastor 2016-08-29 05:47
My dear Arsenal fans! I love you very much. On 28TH of August 2016 was my birth day where I turned 59 years old. As an Arsenal fan, the new recruitment of players and Saturdays (28/08) results made me very strong. Let us hope our team will made us happy and happier this year. Let us start together and finish together. Cheerio and may God bless Arseanal team and all fans and pundits as well. Once again may I say I love you so much.
+2 #9 Pastor 2016-08-29 05:15
I assure you, after 5 more EPL matches Holding will be among best backline players. Don't put aside Elnemy and Mustaf. Myself I believe this year is our turn to celebrate. Celebration is not all about trophies only but enjoying football skills and good results. Lack also has its path. Look ! Last year we did beat Leisester City in and out but we didn't win EPL. This year may be God will see us.
+1 #8 Pastor 2016-08-29 05:01
yaaaa! Of course every Arsenal fan should be happy for what has been done so far. What needed from us is full support. I am sure if everyone will accept our new comers players and congratulate AW and Arsenal management, for sure in May we might be saying another story. But going on criticizing will discourage AW and the players as well. From today, LET US ALL BE ONE TEAM
+2 #7 Moses 2016-08-28 03:41
Guys time will tell.... Even world class players were not born world class....
+1 #6 Paul 2016-08-27 23:20
The article is very good as it points out that with these signings we have strengthened. Doesn't Mustafi play for Germany - isn't that considered world class! With the addition of Xaka and Elneny, and with the return of our wonderful Sant -, Ozil, Ramsey, Le Coz etc., we have a fantastic midfield.Holding is turning out to be a good buy too. The dissenters won't admit it (some may grudgingly) but AW has done well this window, and there may be more to come at the last minute ... who knows! The only problem is that it is not as fast as we would like and we get nervous! Incidentally, I don't think, Ibra would fit in our team, however good he is, because he would upset the atmosphere in the dressing room. Just imagine having Mourhino and Ibra in our dressing room!.... everybody else would not be as happy with each other as they are now and the spirit would be gone. Let's all get behind AW and the team and with this strengthened team I think we could do better than last year!
+3 #5 Yamalawi 2016-08-27 15:30
Let's give these new signings a chance. Football is not just about money. If we give them our support I think we will esteem them.
+7 #4 ainsworth 2016-08-27 13:16
Arsenal need the support from the fans too much negativety is coming from us fans ... we all need to get behind the team
+3 #3 Anthony 2016-08-27 13:14
Apart from ibra i don't see a player that can be compared to arsenal players
+3 #2 E9 Gunner 2016-08-27 12:30
I agree with everything you said, except Ibra was a world class addition to the premier league. Which I think was only made possible because Mourinho and him share the same agent (along with Pogba).
+7 #1 Rous rago 2016-08-27 12:17
with add of mustafi and parez..arsenal become champion