After only arriving in September it seems German 'flop' Mesut Özil has been thinking about leaving the club after only one season with the Gunners.

Although Mesut started brightly in the Premier League he has now dwindled and become the scapegoat of Arsenal's problems in 2014.

Reports suggest that he is not used to be getting this sort of reception andis shocked by amount of criticism and abuse he receives.

In an interview with Fußball magazine, Özil's agent was saying [Translation via Google]:

"Mesut understands the frustration from the fans but believes that they should get behind him and the team, as they did at Madrid even when he had below par performances. If the frustration is still voiced in the same way then I can't help but feel that Mesut will wish to leave in the summer"

Relationships were going strong with the Germans in the Arsenal camp until Man City away when Mertesacker and Özil had a spat after Özil went to walk off the pitch without applauding the away fans. Ever since then the fans have been on his back constantly at every bad point he has had and somehow ignoring the brilliance he often accomplishes.

"They have sorted their problems since the game but the mood is not fantastic which affects their chemistry, which may well be a problem out on the pitch."

Who wants him?

From his time in Spain Özil has impressed many managers, one of whom being Pep Guardiola of Bayern Munich, when he was manager of Barcelona Pep always kept a close eye on Mesut hoping to one day snatch him from another club's grasp.

It IS a massive shame that potentially we could lose one of the most technically gifted players we have ever seen at the Emirates after such a short stint, however it is rumoured that Özil is waiting on whether Arsene Wenger renews his contract as he trusts the Frenchman who brought him to the club and hopes that that will persuade him to stay.

"Mesut has upmost respect for Arsene Wenger, it was he who brought him to the club. In the phone conversation they had the Sunday before signing he persuaded Mesut with just about every sentence he said. He explained the club's philosophy and ambitions and he just couldn't wait to be part of that once the conversation ended."

All in all the German just wants to be loved by the fans, and if he does decide to stay then without a doubt he could be an Arsenal legend and go down with the likes of Henry, Vieira and Bergkamp.


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+2 #6 Victor 2014-04-02 16:34
Ha ha! Got me there!
+8 #5 Mkn 2014-04-01 11:34
April fools joke ... Nice try :)
+5 #4 Andre 2014-04-01 11:06
I would ignore this as it is a pure wind up. Garbage in fact.
+5 #3 Knighty 2014-04-01 10:45
What a load of old tosh! He will be fine next season. Can take a while to get used to the Prem and Ozil knows that he will be on fire next season at Arsenal.
+5 #2 gunner26 2014-04-01 10:40
True arsenal fans.pls support him and give him unconditional loves so that the real magician can walk out from the darkest path in his new bpl life and played confidently like he did in real. Remember ramsey ' case??
+6 #1 Sexgod 2014-04-01 10:21
This is worrisome. Hope all efforts are made to convince him to stay.