Koscielny questions Wenger’s team selection against Chelsea

Arsenal were comprehensively beaten 3-1 by Chelsea on Saturday and the Gunners could surely have no complaints whatsoever regarding the final result.

In truth, Arsenal did not put up much of a fight during the clash and manager Arsene Wenger has come under a lot of criticism for how he set up the Gunners’ starting lineup on the day.

Now reports from the Daily Mirror suggest that even star defender Laurent Koscienly has questioned Wenger’s tactics for the encounter, with the Frenchman stating that Arsenal should have been better equipped to deal with Chelsea’s threat on the counter.

Koscielny said, “I think we played some players in front of others and I think we should have played more as a team and there was space to do so. They hit us on the counter.

“It will be difficult now. Mathematically, nothing is done but we know that it is going to be very complicated. We need to come back to the quality of our game, our passing, movement.”


Sanchez will wait till the end of the season to decide his future

The future of Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal remains in doubt as the Chilean star has not yet signed an extension to his current deal at the Emirates Stadium and French giants Paris Saint-Germain are currently said to be monitoring the Chilean star very closely.

In revelations from Get French Football, claims have been made that Sanchez will wait till the end of the current campaign to decide his future and will make his decision based on what position Arsenal finish in the Premier League this season.



Redknapp believes Wenger should leave

Following Arsenal’s disappointing 3-1 defeat at the hands of Chelsea on Saturday, many feel that the Gunners stand no chance of claiming the Premier League title and in turn, manager Arsene Wenger has found himself coming under real pressure from disgruntled fans once again.

Ex-Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has recently stated that it may finally be time for Wenger to leave his post as manager of Arsenal and is hopeful that the frustrated supporters do not hound him out of the Emirates Stadium.

Redknapp told BT Sport, “He has been a fantastic manager over the years for the job he has done at Arsenal. Maybe it is time for a change, if they don't win the league - well they won't win the league this year - maybe Arsene will look at it and think 'I've done an incredible job while I've been here' and leave while he's still where he is [up here]. I would hate to see him get hounded out of there."

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0 #6 bonny neliwa 2017-02-10 06:14
We need new change for real Mr wenga did a good job in deed I think it's time for Him to say good bay...
0 #5 bonny neliwa 2017-02-10 06:09
If I was arsen I would have do the fan a do a huge favour and peacefully say say good buy enough is enough has reached an exit, thank you for the 20 years together...
+1 #4 gooner4life 2017-02-08 10:17
wenger's comments after the Watford and Chelsea games were amazing" we were not prepared properly". Surely that is what we are paying him £8million salary for so he is clearly on his own admission failing to do his job properly .If you and I don't do our job properly then we would get the sack. So what are the board waiting for? He has said "the team was not prepared properly" He has admitted he Failed.
+1 #3 Mike Dunne 2017-02-07 22:23
Ihave always been an Arsenal supporter. So now I believe in Deja Vu. As supporters we have been here recently. The aim is to finish in the top four. No more.
Then get into Champions League. Get through the group stage, earn money and be eliminated.
I don't know who is to blame. Arsenal have over £200m in the bank.so why not spend and compete with wages. Sanchez will leave, maybe Ozil due to lack of ambition!
0 #2 Macgooner56 2017-02-07 21:16
Yes I know Wenger has done lots for the club but in return he's been paid millions for doing so. He can't be allowed to continue embarrassing this great club with his tactics, transfer dealings,touch line behaviour, after match blame avoidance interviews. If he doesn't go I truly believe Sanchez, Jack and the Ox will, and trying to bring in big names will be impossible cos big names want titles,cups,success, and it ain't happening with us, if he stays then it's Groundhog Day for us all.what happened to our talent spotters,where are they?why are they being paid?. Wenger bought yet another kid in this transfer window, who will inevitably get sold for a million quid with sell ons attached,we are going no where, just treading water under this man now,
+1 #1 Paul 2017-02-07 14:18
I have always been an Arsene supporter but I really do agree with Harry Red Knapp thst now is the right time to retire and not wait and tarnish his image. Thank you Arsene for all you have done for this wonderful club. You truly deserve some rest from all the stress and strife. I believe he will decide to not sign another contract