Oxlade-Chamberlain wants to leave Arsenal

Arsenal fans have been left worried at the prospect of losing star duo Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil as the two players have not yet signed an extension to their current deals at the club and the Gunners now allegedly have been handed another bombshell.

According to reports from Sky Sports, even Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has decided that he will look to leave the Emirates Stadium at the end of the current campaign.

Oxlade-Chamberlain’s is in a similar situation as Sanchez and Ozil as his contract is set to expire within the next 15 months and the England international is believed to have made his decision to leave Arsenal as he feels taken for granted by the club.

Ozil to reject £200,000-per-week offer

Things are getting bad to worse for Arsenal as following the humiliation against Bayern Munich, revelations can be made that star man Mesut Ozil is likely to reject a new contract offer of around £200,000-per-week from the club.

The Daily Mail have claimed that Ozil is not keen on signing the improved offer on the table and the Gunners will look to listen to offers for the 28-year-old over the summer in a bid to avoid losing him on a free transfer next year.

Legends disagree over Wenger

The Arsenal fans are clearly divided regarding whether or not Arsene Wenger should continue in his role as manager at the Emirates Stadium beyond the end of the current campaign and now even club legends, Gilberto Silva and Jens Lehmann, have brought forward their varying arguments regarding the future of their manager.

Gilberto explained that Wenger needs to go because he has been at Arsenal for too long and that the new managers such as Antonio Conte, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have surpassed the veteran in terms of motivation to win things.

The Brazilian was quoted saying by the Standard, “I feel that the time has come. The more the past is coming to a close, the more his time is coming - not because he can't do the job any longer, but, perhaps because the other clubs have changed their way of working, the way of doings things.

“He hasn't changed much, he hasn't changed his way of working - not because he doesn't want to, but it is not so easy to compete with clubs who spend a lot of money every season.

“Wenger has spent a lot more years than them (Conte, Guardiola and Klopp) in the Premier League. They are younger and motivated and they have a lot of energy to look around and source ways to win against Wenger.

“He has his own way of working, in which he believes. Irrespective of whether you are either a young or an old coach, you have to believe in something, and that's what he does.”

However, former goalkeeper Lehmann does not agree with Gilberto and has claimed that Wenger does not deserve to be hounded out of Arsenal after everything he has achieved at the club.

He said, “I think he has to stay now — he’s done so much for the club. People are talking about his age and they want a new manager to bring fresh air but it’s very difficult to replace intelligence.

“He’s still got the fire and for what he’s done he deserves not to go out on such a bad result. Next season it could be a completely different situation.”

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0 #8 suplex 2017-03-23 10:41
We have had enough of frustrations. Arsene is not Arsenal. I hope this knock into the directors sense. We need trophies.
0 #7 doctore 2017-03-21 07:36
thought Jens would be the honest guy here,always seem to be a straight to the point kind of guy,but hiding behind Arsene's greatness is so weak man,and Sagna saying he wants Wenger to stay,I wonder why you left Bacary?
0 #6 Manoj 2017-03-19 08:30
Wenger wants to Stay¿ He must change the pattern of the game on the pitch. Attacking football and stop manipulating individual players style. I was pretty sure Xhaka would shine a day or two. Same thing wwith other new players ssince Carzola. Penetration in opponents is very scary hence playing backwards always and side to side. Wenger Main Problem is dominating players and thinks he makes thhe future like Henry.
0 #5 ronnie 2017-03-18 08:30
I am a very supporter of Arsenal for years on,but I think its about time that the club looks for a new manager ,we can go on trophy less .enough is enough we should from other clubs like Man utd ,Chelsea etc,Wenger must go
0 #4 optimist 2017-03-16 13:08
I have always stood by wenger, but recently I have had to struggle with doubts following the steady decline in the fortunes of the club, most especially when last year arsenal lost the change to win the EPL plus some embassring results this season such as ones against Everton, Watfort, Man City and Man U in the EPL and the most recent 10-2 aggregate ECL loss to Bayern Munich. Watching those matches I thoght I could have done better as Asenal manager. However, I realised at some point that I am filled with frustration and sentiment to be objective. I believe that if what Arsenal fans want to see is Wenger's replacement only then they must prepare for worse times. We need to realistically identify the factors for the decline and address them first otherwise any manager will fail.
+2 #3 Paul 2017-03-09 14:34
I have been a staunch supporter of Arsene Wenger but believe now is the time for him to retire/resign and enjoy a little rest free of the tremendous stress he has been under for a long time now. If he stays and things get even worse it will be a crying shame that his image will be forever tarnished and that is the way he will be remembered. He deserves better than that and I believe he will voluntarily step down at the end of this season as he has said that once he feels he can no longer do the job, that is what he will do. The players now are obviously tainted and have lost confidence by all these goings on and I see things only getting worse as the weeks go by. Reluctantly, it is time to go Arsene, and thank you so much for what you have done for this club. Enjoy a bit of peace and quiet!
+4 #2 Mwamba 2017-03-09 12:15
Intelligence in the case of football is never static, there is no place for old fashioned intelligence in present football, just it is time for Wenger to bite the bullet, there comes a time when club comes first than an individual.
+1 #1 Geekaybee 2017-03-09 08:41
Why resign a part time player and pay him a quarter of a million pounds a week wages ?