It goes without saying that Arsene Wenger is under immense pressure at the moment from the fans and his current position at the Emirates Stadium has drawn comparisons to the one of Barcelona boss Luis Enrique, who revealed that he will resign at the end of the season due to exhaustion after calls for him to step down following Barcleona’s 4-0 defeat against PSG in the Champions League Round of 16 first leg clash a few weeks ago.

As it turned out, Enrique masterminded a brilliant 6-1 victory over PSG in the second leg at the Nou Camp on Wednesday night to ensure that Barcelona earn a place in the quarter finals of the Champions League and all of a sudden, the Spaniard is being hailed by many who called for his head.

Wenger has now gone on to cite the example of Enrique to explain how perceptions in football changes instantly but insisted that he will not step down as the Barcelona boss has decided to do because he still remains motivated to do a job for Arsenal.

When asked how he felt compared to Enrique, Wenger replied, "I feel all right, I feel very strong, very motivated, ready to give my best.

“It just sums it up that two weeks ago he (Enrique) was an idiot and everyone said 'You have to leave', so he said, 'Okay, I go'. Today he is a hero. That sums up the job. In fact I made an equation because I am a mathematical fan that I will give you one day.

"It's not the right moment (to share it). I am sure you will enjoy it. It is an equation about a manager's job. I made a formula."

Lincoln star hopeful that rebellious Arsenal fans will help them

Arsenal fans are clearly unhappy with manager Arsene Wenger following another disappointing season in the Premier League as well as the Champions League and it has been claimed that a section of the supporters will be holding protest rallies against the Frenchman ahead of the Gunners’ FA Cup quarter final clash against Lincoln on Saturday.

Due to the unrest, one can expect a very hostile atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium during the clash against Lincoln and star of the non-league side Luke Waterfall is hopeful that the unhappy Arsenal fans will indirectly help his side claim an improbable victory on the night.

Waterfall said, “He's under pressure. Some Arsenal fans might be going there wanting us to win. If we start well, we might have 60,000 people behind us, not just 9,000.

“We'll go there believing in ourselves. We won't park the bus, we'll play our usual game. We want their big players to play. Their manager is under pressure so I would expect their big names to play.”

Liverpool ready to pounce for Oxlade-Chamberlain

It has emerged recently in various media outlets across England that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is eyeing up an exit from Arsenal at the end of the season and one can be sure that a number of clubs will be interested in the England international this summer if he becomes available.

Now according to reports from the Metro, revelations have been made that Liverpool are already plotting a move to land the services of Oxlade-Chamberlain and that the attacker will become Jurgen Klopp’s priority target if he does not sign a new deal with the Gunners.

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+1 #3 Macgooner56 2017-03-11 14:03
Wenger has been taking the p#ss out of Arsenal fans for best part of ten years, don't think Enrique has?iv said it before, Wenger is yesterday's man with yesterday's plan, it's over, the young players can't relate to him and any player claiming they want him to stay is just covering their own ar#e,we've got the *** josh Kroenke claiming Henry would be a good replacement, really?we,r Arsenal not villa or some other Chinese owned club that are convinced good players make good coaches, why would any young players want to sign for Arsenal or Wenger,? Big change is needed at this club, from top to bottom but I fear itl be a long time coming while the greedy yanks have got it in a stranglehold, Usmanov and Dein are our only hope,
+1 #2 Mana 2017-03-10 22:05
The longer Arsene stays at the Emirates the more he loses respect and dignity. The best time was when he won the FA Cup. It is obvious after twenty years he has nothing new to offer or to be competitive against younger and more aggressive managers in Europe and national leagues.Maina D.
+3 #1 marc 2017-03-10 11:34
arsene wenger cannot compare himself to Enrique, becos what barcelona did was absolutly brilliant. when did arsene wenger ever mastermind a comeback like that. enrique proved he is a coach who can get the best out of his players. arsene wenger lost that ability some time ago. so before things get even worse, it will be best for wenger to leave with some dignity. it really is time for change