Chris Sutton brands Wenger a ‘dictator’

Arsene Wenger is arguably one of the greatest ever managers in Arsenal’s history, but it has to be noted that the Frenchman has not enjoyed much success over the last 13 seasons, with the Gunners having won only 2 FA Cup titles during the period.

Ex-Chelsea man Chris Sutton believes that Wenger has been allowed to continue his role without question as he is running a ‘dictatorship’ at the Emirates Stadium and has slammed the 67-year-old for not having the fans’ interest at heart.

Sutton was quoted saying by the Independent, “I just think he is being selfish at the moment. The biggest problem for me is it is a dictatorship. He surrounds himself with yes men.

“The last 13 years have been a disaster. The two FA Cups have paper over the cracks. He has brought these players in and they are not showing fight or heart. They are not playing for him. The environment is unhealthy at Arsenal. Is he doing the right thing? Does he have the supporters’ best interest at heart?”

Sagna sad over treatment handed to Wenger

Following another terrible campaign, Arsene Wenger has come under intense pressure to leave his post as manager and things have gotten so bad that fans have organized protest marches, huge printed banners as well as plane messages urging the Frenchman to depart at the end of the season.

However, ex-Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna does not agree with the harsh treatment being dished out to Wenger at the moment and believes that his former manager deserves to stay at the Emirates Stadium for as long as he wants.

Sagna told the Daily Mail, “At the moment I am quite sad for the manager because he doesn't deserve what's happening to him. He's a great man and an institution for Arsenal. It's not fair. I would like him to stay.

“Sometimes you can have difficult moments but he's always been there for the team. I will  be thankful to him because he brought me to England. And I will be thankful because even when I had tough moments he always showed trust in me.

“I associate Arsenal with his name. Yes they are having a tough moment but the players can turn it around. Hopefully they will not do it against us because I want to be part of a good season for this team.”

Wenger to bring in two French stars to rebuild squad

Despite Wenger being pressurized to leave his post as manager of Arsenal at the end of the season, there has been speculation that the Gunners’ boss will remain in charge of the club for the next two years by signing a new deal and the Daily Mirror have claimed that the veteran manager is already planning for next Premier League campaign.

According to the reports from the English newspaper, Wenger is looking to rebuild his underperforming squad over the summer and will look to bring in the French duo of Alexandre Lacazette and Kylian Mbappe to revive the fortunes of Arsenal. Moussa Dembele and Marco Reus are also believe to be on the shortlist of Wenger.

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+2 #2 Shogun 2017-03-21 22:49
It's time for a new Coach!!!!!! When have you ever had a Coach state when it's time for them to quit. The owner is only interested in money and not trophies so he allows Wenger decide when he leaves. Fans stay away so the profits go down and maybe they will get the message
#1 Mary Langseth 2017-03-21 15:16
Chris Sutton is an *** and should keep his mouth shut if he's going to spew garbage! I'm happy to heat Sagna stand up for Wenger he knows the nan personally has worked with him for years Sutton knows nothing! Wenger deserves more respect than he is getting how many clubs have gone down had so many managers they don't know if they're coming or going? As for not soending money maybe look to the owners the American has sports clubs in the states which is likely where a vast majority of money earned from Arsenal goes check it out and see instead of turning on the best manager Arsenal ever had!!! I'm disgusted and heart broken by the "Wenger out" signs and chants