Mesut Ozil is undoubtedly a fantastic footballer but many Arsenal fans have been left disappointed by the fact that the German international goes missing during the big games, especially in the current campaign.

Lee Dixon believes that Ozil struggles during the times when the going gets tough as he lacks a ‘nasty streak’ about him and urged the German international to take a leaf out of the book of aggressive Tottenham Hotspur star Dele Alli.

Dixon said, "He's (Alli) playing in the first team long-term because he's doing something right. The fact that he's come into the Tottenham team and they're building a team around him, his talent is unlimited.

"If [Mesut Ozil] had half of what Dele Alli has got, that nasty streak, he would be ten times a better player than he is because he hasn't got what Dele Alli has."

Lehmann does not want Allegri at Arsenal

Amid all the protest against Arsene Wenger from the fans, club legend Jens Lehmann has staunchly defend his former manager throughout and the former goalkeeper has now taken another pop at the unhappy Gunners’ supporters.

Juventus boss Max Allegri seems to be the popular choice among the fans to replace Wenger but Lehmann does not believe that the Italian boss will be able to succeed at the Emirates Stadium if indeed he does arrive.

Lehmann told in The Sun, as reported by Football Italia, “The people that hold up their banners saying ‘Wenger Out’ don’t hold up banners saying they want x, y, z to come in because this guy will guarantee success.

“Bring Allegri in and we will win everything? Who is Allegri, with all due respect? He is in Italy. Will somebody like him bring success?

“When you look at the type of football he is playing, it doesn’t really fit Arsenal. None of them has a solution, someone who would guarantee them Champions League football and maybe win something.”

No regrets for Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole turned from hero to pantomime villain for the Arsenal fans after he left the Gunners to join rivals Chelsea following a contractual dispute and it has to be said that the left-back did enjoy a very successful spell at Stamford Bridge, winning the Champions League, Premier League, the FA Cup and the Europa League with the Blues.

More than 10 years on from his controversial departure from Arsenal, Cole has once again reopened the wounds for the Gunners fans by stating that he does not regret joining Chelsea and added that he still laughs at the supporters who handed him abuse over the years.

Cole told ITV's Play to the Whistle, "I had a great time [at Arsenal], I missed the old players that were there but I moved on and won every trophy I could. I wouldn't look back and say I regretted it, no.

"If I'm honest, yes – I still think to this day, I laugh to myself. I had a lot of history there and I think the way I left was maybe a bit dodgy, but the lack of respect they showed me as well.

"Maybe I did things in the wrong way. But when I look back at it now I think there were a lot of parties I could blame. But it's gone now and it's 10 years down the line."

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+1 #1 marc 2017-03-23 11:06
12 years and all arsene wenger can show for it is 2 FA CUPS, thats it. the only reason the Arsenal board likes wenger so much, is because he does not spend money, so that means more money in there pockets. wenger has no ambition. to him ending in 4th place every year is good enough. its like winning a trophy, so he is happy with that. wenger has to move on. arsenal needs change for the better, and arsene wenger is not the man thats gonna do that. have some pride and dignity wenger, be a man and step down. give somebody better than you a chance to turn things around in a positive way .