Arsenal don't have a 3rd kit this season. Below is a fake picture circulating the net.

New 2011/2012 Arsenal third kit


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#15 Retriever 2015-06-19 16:34
Golden retriever valpar till salu
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Golden retriever valpar till salu
-1 #14 Nijono 2011-08-14 18:46
Bought one already - fanastic shirt! ;-)

The blue stripes are little bolts of lighting and the matching blue shorts are like a petrol blue. Really smart.
#13 dfg 2011-08-14 09:26
this is just the third kit from 2 seasons ago with the leaves around the badge! its a total fake
-1 #12 big boy gunner 2011-08-10 12:04
so if tane is right about saying yhe 3rd kit is always the previous seasons away kit.....that means last seasons yellow kit is this seasons alternat kit thanks tane.
+1 #11 Gooner 2011-06-30 16:43
the point is that we have had white kits in the past and they looked great. this one looks pretty good to me. plus, it would make it more of a triumphant victory to beat the yids in their own colours.
-1 #10 Balls 2011-06-29 02:10
Cmon Tane, Tottenham just released a new third kit, and we had a new one in 2009, it doesnt always go like that
-4 #9 Tane 2011-06-20 09:25
lol we all know this is fake still, they can't put the white logo on this kit.
-6 #8 forde clarke 2011-06-15 20:39
sorry i dout it will be our 3rd kit cos look at the badge its not like the new kit

and it looks like the yids kit
+2 #7 miyachi 2011-06-11 13:45
this is beta compared to the away kit . i cant wait for this 1
+2 #6 bradley 2011-06-09 07:42
what a good kit
-4 #5 It is very nice 2011-05-18 12:34
-7 #4 black country gooner 2011-05-12 13:28
sorry guys but this more of a spurs shirt (colours) with our badge on it. this shirt shoudlnt even be thought of! Tane - i spoke to arsenal, they are bringing in 3 new shirts this season for the 125th anniversaty. wont see the yellow/redcurranty after the end of this one.
-2 #3 will 2011-05-09 15:14
@ tane...aside from the white pinstripe third kits we had last year...dumbass.
+3 #2 arsenal fans 2011-05-03 16:27
this kit are ravesh
-3 #1 john 2011-05-02 15:30
Tane.. I think that there is a few arsenal third kit that is new like the white arsenal third kit last year