After an appalling display from Arsenal last night it is now time to look at the issues surrounding that display in a calmer manner.

Arsenal fans were optimistic before the game and the majority was expecting a comfortable win. This was reflected in the fact that most were going with a two goal winning margin. However, this was to be proved wrong by a long way.

In previous ties at the last 16 stage there has been a great atmosphere, yesterday this was missing. The fans hardly had a voice and may have played a role in the lack of intensity the team offered. It was like the fans were expecting a comfortable victory. This expectation was seemingly passed down to the players and this resulted in a lack of effort as they probably thought they would win the game. However, the fans can’t be held responsible for such a lacklustre display.

I am also reluctant to criticise Arsene Wenger. A lot of fans are calling the Wenger out trumpet again but let’s not beat around the bush. The players were to blame and have to take accountability, you can only do so much effort and aggression is down to the players and they didn’t seem to want it.

I am Alexis’s biggest fan but even he wasn’t great and has rarely turned up in big games. Additionally, he was responsible for their goal as he gave the ball away but fans are reluctant to criticise him in the slightest. On the other hand, fans are quick to blame Ӧzil and although some of that criticism is warranted, sometimes it is over the top. Fans have called him lazy as this was also inferred by Gary Neville but look at the stats, Ӧzil covered the most ground for Arsenal and the third in the match but this show at least he is trying. The jury will be out on him all the time because fans don’t believe his transfer fee has been justified and I can understand that however, he has been good in recent weeks and fans have been praising him but they are quick to turn.

Another point I would like to address is the abuse aimed at Giroud. This is not acceptable and I agree he had a bad night. However, you shouldn’t pick one player out of the starting 11. Giroud has been good and has never claimed he was world class but players have a bad day at the office just look at Falcao. Fans wanted him at the start of the season but he’s proved he’s not the greatest but fans may argue that is because he’s not fully fit but let’s cut Giroud some slack.

However, there is second leg and this tie is not over. I am an optimist and always believe we can turn it around. My head says, we are out but my heart says we have a chance and on this basis I’m going to go with my heart.

A big task lies ahead but there is always a chance, this is football. Does everyone remember 2003 when we lost 3-0 to Inter Milan at Highbury? Well I do and if I remember rightly we won the return fixture 5-1. I don’t know a lot about Monaco and they were impressive but are they better than Inter Milan of 2003. It’s these results what have to make us believe. We have been close to overturning deficits in the previous four years such as needing to score three in Munich which we were close to doing.

Overall, the players need to show heart and passion out in Monte Carlo and make the fans proud. They need to show they have the right to wear the cannon. Arsenal have the attacking force to turn this round and if Ӧzil, Sanchez, Cazorla, Walcott and Giroud all turn up then this deficit can be overturned.

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+1 #10 Macgooner56 2015-03-01 16:28
One quite simple addition would be a top draw midfield captain who can actually understand team tactics and direct the other ten strangers all running around playing their own game, it's like watching schoolboys playing kick n rush sometimes!!but 50m to spend in the summer is no where near enough to make up for the under funding of previous years that's left us with too many bridesmaids another enough brides, ozil should be binned off sharpish,he ain't and never will be an Arsenal player!!!!
+1 #9 Julious 2015-02-27 11:02
I agree with most of the above comments, Wengers time is up, however I do not wish to go down the route of Man U.
The next manager must be carefully chosen, and that's where the problem is. I have no faith that the current board is capable of selecting the next manager. To replace both the board and manager at the same time would be disarsterous, so we now have a chicken and egg situation, sack the manager, or sack the board which comes first!!
Whatever, something needs to be radically done now.
+2 #8 Chibs 2015-02-27 05:37
Firstly, how do u start Welbeck on the wings when u have both Theo and the Ox fit? As ground as Ozil covered, he gave the ball away every chance he got. Yet he completes the 90mins and Santi goes off. Sanchez's efforts were continuosly frustrated bt those who were supposed to be supporting him, mostly Welbeck and Ozil, I understand Giroud off day. Its normal. But we all know Santi has way better Ozil in the number 10role, yet made to drop deeper, then taken off when Ozil should have been subbed. Nonsense.
+1 #7 WENGER OUT 2015-02-26 17:35
Ha ha, mentioning the Inter Milan result in 2003, that was the Invincibles that turned this around!! Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Vieira, Parlour, Edu, Gilberto, Campbell, Keown, Cole, Toure, Lauren, Lehmann, Ljungberg, Wiltord etc....Apart from Sanchez the present lot aren't fit enough to clean their boots!! What a joke comparison.
+5 #6 WENGER OUT 2015-02-26 17:29
Groundhog Day yet again. How many more years & chances do we need to give WENGER? Great manager until 2005, all downhill since then...time for change. The same excuses, tactically naive, not enough mental strength, defensively inept etc etc, this has been the same problem for years now.
-1 #5 GOMEZ 12 2015-02-26 17:28
At times like this words of foul mouthed mourinho comes to mind......Wenger just needs to do something out of the usual.
+1 #4 PositiveThinkGunner 2015-02-26 17:06
Last night is not "Arsenal" at all. Technically, mentally isn't there. i don't know what exactly reason behind that but i think recovery is the most important thing for now. You know is not easy to forget after have worst performance like that.
Ars vs Eve hopefully bounce back.. Come on Lads, You can do it!!
+2 #3 RedandDread 2015-02-26 17:01
Truthfully, last night was Wenger's Waterloo. Yes, the team missed many good chances but the manner in which we conceded the goals were symptomatic of issues that Wenger has not been able to resolve for nigh on 6 years now. He's fading away as a top level coach and hasn't beaten a coach/manager of note in over 4 years now.

He was outfoxed by a younger, hungrier, man whose teams espoused the same characteristics. Arsenal like their manager, look tired and out of ideas.
+3 #2 Kay 2015-02-26 16:59
Wenger was simply tactically clueless yesterday. His substitution were poor. The timing were horrible. For me, time to leave for him. He has lost it.
+2 #1 Harold 2015-02-26 15:56
Football is not mathematics, 1+1=2. The truth is that Arsenal is out, that all, and Wenger has had done enough its time he retire.