A disappointing afternoon for Arsenal who had a tough task after going down to 10 men early on. Costa was running through on goal when Mertesacker went to ground and fouled the striker. Costa then scored and after that point Arsenal gave it their best but couldn’t find a way through.

Cech – 7 - Made some crucial saves to keep Arsenal in the game. Cech showed his leadership at the end going round to pick up the deflated Arsenal players.

Bellerin - 7 – One of Arsenal’s better player often troubling Chelsea down their left hand side.

Mertesacker – 1 – A one because he effectively cost Arsenal the game and even before his sending off he looked a liability giving the ball away.

Koscielny – 7 – A spirited performance and defended well for most of the game although he did look shaky at the start.

Monreal – 7 – Looked dangerous down the left hand side and defended well for most of the game. However, if I am going to be critical he should have done better with the cross for the opening goal as he leisurely just jogged out to the ball.

Flamini – 6 – Didn’t have the best of games as he kept giving the ball away and didn’t really stop the attacking Chelsea players. However, he probably had the best Arsenal chances.

Ramsey – 6 – Another poor performance by Ramsey who again was sloppy in the centre which kept breaking up moves.

Campbell – 7 – Worked hard like he usually does and had a chance early on.

Ӧzil – 7 – Wasn’t at his very best but most good things came through him. Wasn’t helped by Arsenal going down to 10 men and had to play the false nine position.

Walcott – 6 – Made Arsenal captain today after 10 years at the club but had another poor performance. Had a couple of chances but didn’t capitalise.

 Giroud – N/A – Didn’t get a chance to make an impact as he was substituted for Gabriel after the red card. The disappointment could be clearly seen from the player and fans which is credit to him after some excellent performances.


Gabriel – 7 – Came on early after the red card and did well.

Sanchez – 7 –Sanchez returned to the Arsenal match day squad and made an instant impact. His work rate and drive will be crucial over the coming weeks.

Oxlade – Chamberlain – 6 – Looked effective in some cases but failed to deliver, however, he only got 15 minutes.

Overall, it is more points dropped and Arsenal need to get back to winning ways. Arsenal worked hard after going down to ten men but lacked the quality the level it up. Next up is Burnley in the FA cup. After a poor run of results Arsenal are still level on points with Manchester City and three behind Leicester. The fans need to get behind the team for the rest of the season and believe.

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0 #14 Julious 2016-01-25 22:08
I wonder if most subscribers watched the match!. Arsenal started poor, a then was conned by Costa, which cost us.
After that it was all up hill. My only moan is why we persist with Mers against fast raiding forwards, with no proper cover in front. We have just purchased a defensive midfielder, he must be given a go against Burnley, as has Gaberial. Against Leciester and Barcelona we need speedy defenders, and solid holding midfielders, with others back from injury, we should be able to win the title, stop being negative
0 #13 Macgooner56 2016-01-25 21:02
Theo Walcott , 10 yrs at Arsenal, 81 goals, 8 .1 goals a season, he's not a left winger, he's not a right winger, he's not a striker, he's an extremely expensive poster boy for the Prem & the FA, and it's time Wenger binned him off and bought a player that's strong,fit and scores, but he won't cos he's so arrogant he thinks he's right and wer all wrong, yes I'm still effin pi##ed off about yesterday,
0 #12 Temitope Samson Iles 2016-01-25 11:52
It's a match I don't expect arsenal to lose,but immediately I saw the line up and per was paired with koscienly,I knew it'll be disaster, 2nd mistake was taken off Giroud in favour of Walcot,Campbell and ozil is the season mistake from wenger which could inevitable cause arsenal the trophy, I wish wenger gets it right for the remainder of the season, Elneny ought to be a joker in the game because your opposition knew nothing much about him,but as I've said, it's football, up gunners.
0 #11 wabs Okmos 2016-01-25 11:51
Please comrades, I belief Wenger, did his part of making the line up and eventually making the unsupported substitution of Oliver G. First and far most the three front men who included Wolcot, Oliver and Jole were not to their best. However, a slight credit can be given the Jole for his attempts to penetrate the defense on several occasions. It would have been more dangerous for Wenger to remove Flamine to bring in Gabriel. Gabriel was worthy coming in but in either Walcot or Oliver number. Walcot playing of the left is not any issue to state given his experience. Jole and Ozil play on the right but they are typical lefters. We expect a good strucker to have a monger other qualities changing positions like Henry, Peris, Waltod, Backamp, . . . .
0 #10 Gunman 2016-01-25 10:40
Guys you are being unfair with Theo Walcott he is a right winger not left winger. Its Wenger 's fault by playing out of position. He should play as a centre forward or as a right winger then especially as a winger there he is a specialist as a striker its still too early to judge him. I also feel aggrieved by Wenger 's inability to read opposition's game
He plays slow defenders against guys like Willian they end up fumbling when the going gets tough. He has played Flamin against Chelsea before and he has failed us time and again. Why not play the new boy?
+1 #9 #3 broshans 2016-01-25 08:57
Wenger should enter the market fast.........we need a versatile defender and DM , a situation where he will rush at the dying minutes to buy will not get us result the money is there......why not get Aboumayang , Wanyama and Ribiot. Wamyama can develop to Central defender.
+1 #8 Anthony Chejieh 2016-01-25 08:02
Gerioud shouldn't have been substituted in the first place, Sanchez should have started the game and Gabriel should have started the game as well. All these were the mistakes from the coach. Wenger killed the game as simple as that
+1 #7 Shogun 2016-01-24 22:26
When will you realize that Mert is to slow.... Gabriel and Kos. are our CB
+4 #6 Macgooner56 2016-01-24 22:18
Let's face it, once again the bottle jobs bottled it, we sign a pacy CH then persist in playing the German snail, we take our only target man off leaving Theo nearly Walcott to spend the game tripping over, mistiming runs, and generally doing what Theo does best, nearly scoring, flaming thinks he's a striker, Ramsey thinks he Zidane and all we get is them gobbling off in the press telling us all how much stronger they are, well facts are facts as Rafa would say, and today, once again in a big game they didn't turn up, they were Sh#t, an embarrassment the great name of Arsenal, they should give their wages to charity all of them, Wenger, time you went and took some of these panseys with you cos they'r no good to us,
+2 #5 Ofuobi 2016-01-24 22:13
If wenger or the board is seeing this post they should as matter of urgency stop playing Metersacker wenger should have known that Chelsea has sharp and fast attackers he should have known that Gabriel should be paired with koscieny wenger is just playing with our emotions.
+2 #4 Ofuobi 2016-01-24 21:40
Wenger should be blame for the loss I often say it Metersacker is down too lazy to a player can't run look look too dull to my liking a defender who us not fast can not play in EPL he should be sold to dutch league and for wacott he should be loan to Macclesfield.
+2 #3 ibrahim 2016-01-24 21:21
Wenger always causes this losing, he is aware of the poor form from mertasaker but still paring him with koscialy, the red card could have be two, he brought in a player from basel bt never tested him, how and when will he adopt the style of our playing. Why is he always having this wrong ideology? Keeping a player for an unseen assignment, the birth at hand is your proud birth, . Pls wenger should always allow gebriel with koscialy.
+1 #2 varnagooner 2016-01-24 20:30
Too generous for Walcott and Ramsey...Both beyond poor mark.High time for Wenger to suss it out that Mertesacker is a time bomb with his speed and clumsiness
+5 #1 Deanodoes 2016-01-24 19:34
How can you give Walcott a 6? He was unbelievably poor. Couldn't even control the ball. Lost it nine out of ten times. He stank the place out. I'd give him 1 and that's being generous.