The 6th round of the FA Cup will go to a replay after Arsenal were held at home. Arsenal should have won the game easily after creating loads of chances but it was the Hull keeper who prevented this and deservedly got man of the match.

Ospina – 6 – Didn’t really have anything to do but looked nervy on the ball and on crosses.

Chambers – 6 -One of the better players in the Arsenal side and looked dangerous down the right hand side. Although, he did lack a bit of quality when crossing.

Mertesacker – 6 – Didn’t really get challenged.

Koscielny – 5 - Should have been sent off and looked like he had a mistake in him.

Gibbs – 6 – Played okay but again needs to improve his crossing.

Flamini – 6 – Not much to do on the defensive side and lacked quality in the attacking areas.

Elneny – 6 – Looked good with his passing and runs. Easily brushed off the ball but this should improve once he’s been in England for a while.

Campbell – 6 – Looked clever with some of his runs and tested the keeper with an excellent free kick.

Iwobi – 7 – Thought Iwobi was very good and showed his potential. Looked one of Arsenal’s most dangerous players. Looked good on the turn and went close twice.

Welbeck – 7 – It was Welbeck’s first start in 10 months and he looked very good. Whenever, he received the ball he drove at the Hull defence and tried to get in the box at every opportunity.

Walcott – 6 – Didn’t really look a threat even when occupying the centre forwards role.


Giroud – 6 – Looked a threat when coming on mostly in the air.

Sanchez – 6 – Sanchez was poor once coming on often giving the ball away.

Oxlade – Chamberlain - 6 - Didn’t really change the course of the match and didn’t really receive the ball.

Overall it was an average performance and on another day it could have ended 4 – 0. The keeper for Hull was excellent and we must now win the replay. Next up is Barcelona in the champion’s league.

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0 #8 Macgooner56 2016-02-22 20:26
We always play so many pointless short pass's that by the time we eventually arrive in the opponents penalty area they had time to get ten players back to defend, we condense the game into such a small area and then leave the back door open for a counter attack as soon as we lose the ball, its how Wenger plays and nothing's gonna change till this dinosaur leaves!!!
-1 #7 Olatunji 2016-02-21 13:17
]I don't know why AW don't start Sanchez he need to get his fitness bank because Sanchez play nothing yesterday. 2 AW need to rest some players because of CL we need to win that match or Drew. God bless gunners
-1 #6 Olatunji Temitope 2016-02-21 13:13
I not why AW don't start Sanchez he need to get his fitness bank because Sanchez play nothing yesterday. 2 AW need to rest some players because of CL we need to win that match or Drew. God bless gunners
-1 #5 Mike Dunne 2016-02-20 22:40
Ospina does not inspire confidence. Pretty football in the build up but strikers should be scoring against the level of opposition. We have no chance of winning in Europe so why don't we concentrate on the Cup and the League.
0 #4 Paula 2016-02-20 21:52
I do not agree with dcdc or Sam. I agree with the commentators who said it was a strong team and that the Hull goalkeeper played the match of his life. I don't think it was" typical Arsenal and typical Wenger" .... I agree the best Arsenal sometimes has not shown up but I think they did today. It was just because he was thinking of the Barca game that Arsene changed the team. With some people he just can't win and they won't be objective because they have an agenda. If AW had put out the full first team and someone got injured, then they would have grumbled about that. Come on, be fair!
-1 #3 dcdc 2016-02-20 21:22
Lots of pretty football but no end product. Typical Arsenal, typical Wenger. Nowhere near good enough. Barcelona will be quaking in their boots.
0 #2 Sam 2016-02-20 17:30
Wenger choosing to rest players has backfired. Another fixture added. To be honest, we have a much better chance of winning the FA Cup than beating Barca. So the changes were illogical.
+4 #1 Jay 2016-02-20 16:12
I would give Sanchez no more than a 4 today