A delightful performance from Arsenal who won their first home game in four and made it back to back wins in the league just to add a bit of pressure on Spurs and Leicester. Goals from Alexis, Iwobi, Bellerin and Walcott were enough to make the home side win comfortably.

Ospina – 7 – Only one save to make and he made that comfortably.

Bellerin – 7 – Dangerous all game going forward and scored the third goal with a deflected effort.

Gabriel – 7 – Looked assured at the back and dealt with what he needed to.

Koscielny - 7 – Comfortable at the back and played well.

Monreal – 7 – Defended well and went forwards with good effect.

Coquelin – 8 – Excellent performance and broke up the play all day and was first to everything.

Elneny – 8 –Another impressive performance in the middle of the park and deserves to keep his place when Ramsey returns and keeps the ball moving forward.

Sanchez – 8 – Looked to be getting back to his best and was direct attacking the Watford left back all day. Scored with a good finish once the rebound came back to him from his own effort.

Ozil – 8 - Ozil played well although he didn’t get an assist. Once Arsenal were cruising at 3-0 he started to play deft little touches.

Iwobi – 9 – Another excellent performance from the young man and scored another goal which makes it 2 in 2 now. Provided the assist for the opening goal and hit the crossbar in the second half.

Welbeck – 8 – Didn’t get a goal today but was excellent all afternoon running in behind the Watford back line. Arsenal look more dangerous with Welbeck playing in the centre forwards role.


Giroud – 6 – Didn’t really have an opportunity once he came on.

Walcott – 7 – Grabbed the 4th goal which will hopefully give him some much needed confidence.

Campbell -7 – Got the assist for the final goal.

Overall, an excellent performance which saw Arsenal attack from the very beginning. Arsenal looked hungry hunting the ball down and being first to everything. It might be too late but all Arsenal can do is win all of their games. Next week Arsenal travel to West Ham for the lunchtime kick off on Saturday.

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0 #2 Mike Dunne 2016-04-03 22:30
How can a team play so well against Watford in the league, yet loose 2-1 in the FA Cup?
I think Leicester will win the league, yet Arsenal beat them home and away. Is Arsenal's problem consistency?
0 #1 Paula 2016-04-02 22:38
IF ONLY the boys would play like that all the time we would be on top! I know, they can't play like that all the time but it is either really good, not so good, or really bad! Anyway, well done as this was our old Arsenal fluent and confident. Keep it up and hope the others slip.