Arsenal pick up their first point of the season away at the premier league champions. A good point in the end considering we should have been down to ten men and probably should have given away a penalty near full time. However, the performances of Koscielny, Xhaka and Coquelin were all promising in their defensive roles.

Cech – 7 – Pulled off a very good save in the end and look assured at the back.

Bellerin – 7 – Looked a threat going forward at times and played well defensively. Should have conceded a penalty but got away with it.

Holding – 7 – Played well next to an experienced partner. Looked assured at the back but needs to be careful with his touch.

Koscielny – 9 – Was immense all afternoon and showed why he is so important to this side.

Monreal – 7 – Made a couple of crucial player headers near the end and defended consistently well.

Coquelin – 8 – Was excellent throughout the match and read the play well. Should have picked up a second yellow but worked extremely hard.

Xhaka – 8 – Looked very good in the defensive two and showed that he is a very good player. Filled in the gaps when players went forward which is very unlike previous Arsenal midfielders.

Walcott – 6 – Looked a threat at times but also disappeared.  Worked hard which was summed  up when he chased back and won the ball.

Cazorla – 6 – Had a quiet game and couldn’t really get on the ball.

Oxlade – Chamberlain – 6 – Looks a threat when driving at defenders but is similar to Walcott in the sense he disappears.

Sanchez – 6 – Had a tough game up front against two big defenders and its further evidence he cannot play up front. Looked better when going to the left.


Ӧzil – 6 – Looked dangerous once he came on and nearly got himself a goal.

Wilshere -6 – Tried to drive the team forward but needs to be more defensively disciplined.

Giroud – N/A – Didn’t get much time to influence the game.

Overall, a very good point at a tough ground.  The positive is the defensive solidity which was shown from the two holding midfielders. The negative is that we don’t seem to have much threat up front. The coming week is now important in the sense we need to get bodies in.

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#10 Pastor 2016-08-23 07:59
Well, Walcot and Giroud are totally out of form. If Wenger will not buy, better to use young blood boys like Iwobi, Alexis and others from Youth's rather using Walcot who has no any impact in the team. Giroud as well. I don't know what is wrong with these guys. All in all Wenger should BUY
#9 Pastor 2016-08-23 07:29
Arsenal Striking force is very low. If we get only one striker of Ibra's caliber or Pogba and one strong backline man, believe, EPL champion will be Arsenal this year.
#8 RomanianGunner 2016-08-21 11:04
Omfg! He loaned Campbell...he could have been way better than walcott
#7 Macgooner56 2016-08-21 08:45
Once again Wenger wastes a shirt on that lightweight fraud Walcott,it hasn't happened in ten years,it's not going too,he has no bottle,no fight,no clue,all the time Wengers arrogance try's to show us we,r all wrong,he knows best when consistently over the years he,s always kept us just short of a full side,never finishes the jigsaw,he gets praise for signing Cech? He ignored van der sar at Fulham when we needed a keeper,the man is yesterday's manager,yesterday's man, just leave and take your rubbish back room clowns with you, a new regime is a must!!
#6 SameOldArsenal 2016-08-21 08:18
Whats the point of Arsenal these days?

To make up the numbers and milk the money.

Ridiculous club
-1 #5 Hector ofuobi 2016-08-21 06:28
As for me i dont see any good performance from the gunners very abismal display no knack for victory no bite upfront wacott is just one man less left to me wacott should have long sent on loan to one if the clubs in the championship he's annoying on the pitch,wenger sud also go we r tired of his stingy policy which cause us the trophy every season already we 'r 5 points drift of the leaders just only in two matches Coqueline should be very careful in his marking because he was so lucky not have been sent off transfer market is still open Arsenal should pull some signings to mount a serious challeng this season if not am very to all the fans see them finishing on the 10th position
-2 #4 Ayele Araya 2016-08-21 00:06
Arsenal team I want to see out of premier league because is not though team right now all team member east their time
+1 #3 Paul 2016-08-20 22:51
I'm glad they got at least one point but I found the match very boring. They will have to do a lot better than this and show a little more fire when they get back to the Emirates. It looked as if both teams were playing too carefully because they didn't want to lose a second game. Hopefully by the next game we'll have a full and enthusiastic team!
+2 #2 Kevvy 2016-08-20 20:50
High marks considering a very average team performance. Walcott absolute rubbish, how he's conned Wenger and the Board for so long, I'll never know. Thought Holding and Koscielny did well. How Can Coquelin get 8 when he should have been sent off? I bet my friend he'd get a red card, and I've been mugged by Mark Clattenberg.
+2 #1 Steve Patrick 2016-08-20 20:41
Walcott is garbage, no attacking treat from him on the wing.