The transfer rumour mill continued to spin today, and because of the quality and content of some of the rumours, I thought I ought to remind you all not to take everything you read seriously.

Sometimes a rumour is completely true, sometimes partially, and sometimes utterly and completely made up, a thread of air spun with a golden loom of porky pies, embroidered with silk from the lie spider. Eighty percent of what papers write is to sell papers and get clicks, and you mustn’t let it affect you. Whether it’s a rumour that we’re selling someone or that we’re buying someone, don’t believe a word unless it’s backed up by someone believable.

Most rumours only serve to divide and weaken the Arsenal fanbase. For example:

Song to Barcelona results in either: “Good riddance, another useless player Wenger bought”, or “Bloody Wenger, selling our best players again.”

See what the common factor is? Don’t let that happen.

I begin with the saddest news Arsenal fans will likely ever hear. A true legend, a man who will linger long in the memories of Arsenal fans everywhere, seems set to make an exit from the club. It’s hard to see how the team will recover from this loss, and I can’t see us getting into the top half of the table without him.

That’s right everyone. Sebastian Squillaci is leaving.

Sky Sports have reported on TV, but not on their site, that he is in talks with Olympiacos after Arsenal agreed a fee with the Greek club for his sale. It’s hard to see how Arsenal managed to convince them that Squillaci was their man, but it’s possible Wenger edited his face onto footage of Koscielny from last season. That or the fee is actually us paying them. Nevertheless, he’s been taking up wage space and terrifies Arsenal fans whenever he sets foot on the pitch.

Sir Alex Ferguson did something very kind yesterday. You might not see it that way, but I do. Yesterday Sir Alex (of the purple nose) publicly announced that he was trying to sign Robin Van Persie, confirming reports that Manchester United were the only team left interested in his signature.

This was kind for two interlinked reasons. It reminded us what incredible prats the folks at United are, and what a complete lying tool Robin Van Persie is.

Recently the relationship between Arsenal and United, and by extension Wenger and Fergie has warmed somewhat, because of Arsenal competing less with United, and the shared financial restraints placed on the clubs (admittedly for different reasons) compared with City and Chelsea. United and Arsenal fans have joined together in mutual head-shaking whenever one of the oil teams pays a ridiculous fee for a player.

He’s here! He came to town, and then he left, and then he came back to town, and then he went to Germany, and now Arsenal have announced the signing of Santi Cazorla. We all knew it was happening once he visited the training ground on Thursday, but many sections of the Gooner fanbase were starting to panic, especially when his Malaga teammate Salomon Rondon (who in my head looks exactly like Salomon Kalou) had his transfer signed off before Cazorla’s, despite Santi’s being wrapped up earlier.

However, we needn’t have worried, and he’s here now. You could also have suspected something when Arsenal didn’t disclose who’d travelled to Germany for the pre-season training camp, which they normally would do. And naturally, it transpired that it was because Santi Clause (squeee!) was on the plane, and it would be a bit odd saying that someone who hadn’t officially joined yet was on the plane. Kind of like wearing a namebadge of the company you’re having a job interview with, at the interview.

There’s rather a lot to talk about today. The most pressing thing is the fact that Arsenal seem to have done something rather unusual. They’ve made a signing that will impress nearly everyone, fans or non-fans.

He’s coming to town

At this very moment, “Santi Clause” Cazorla is at London Colney, completing a medical exam and that photo thing that they always have a little video of on the website when they sign someone.

I’ll admit, this signing has me salivating ever-so-slightly. He’s like a smaller Cesc with a harder shot, who can play on the wing. Mmmmm...He was supposed to have been doing his medical three hours ago, but it’s very possible the medical staff have to take him to pieces and then re-assemble him, just to check his durability.