WengerI’m very irritated today. Yesterday there was another Arsene Wenger press conference, and I had my shiny new Wenger decoder all ready. But yet again, I didn’t need it. He actually said what he meant. Waste of money that.

Fighting Talk from Arsene

Our manager was in a rare humour yesterday, and was clearly a little annoyed by constant media negativity.

When questioned about Alex Song, he pointed out that “Alex Song has been called the worst player I ever signed, and now he plays at Barca. I think we do alright here.” I assume he was referencing the constant criticism his tendency to buy potential comes under, and was showing an example of exactly why it shouldn’t be.

AffelayIt was a fairly quiet day again as far as transfer rumours go, with the only real talk the endless rumble connected with Nuri Sahin. The line yesterday was that it was set to be completed, but naturally that’s changed again.

Sahin goes to Liverpool: Like Mourinho wanted

Having bounced between Arsenal and Liverpool endlessly in the last few weeks, Arsenal have pulled out of the running for Turkish midfielder Nuri Sahin on loan, leaving him free to go to Liverpool. The reasons Arsenal pulled out are many and varied. I’ll make a list:

It’s got to that stage again. We all know it’s pretty much done. Arsenal know it’s pretty much done. But they’d die before they admit that Nuri Sahin’s coming on loan before every I is dotted and contract is signed. It happened with Cazorla, but at least there was a justification for that, Malaga’s financial problems.

Then again I suspect Uncle Jose is trying to stop him going to Arsenal because he hates Arsene. But if Sahin makes him angry enough he might just flog him to us permanently. Not getting my hopes up though.

He’s apparently had his last training session at Madrid, and should be flying in tomorrow, but the way Arsenal operate he probably won’t be announced until Friday or Saturday. Too late for Stoke by any rate.

And yet again, it seems as though the Nuri Sahin loan saga has come to an end. I say again, because it’s been on and off and nearing completion more times than Theo Walcott’s dribbled over the byline. However, taking in mind the lateness of the transfer window, and reports from various sources, it does seem like Sahin will be at Arsenal in the next few days. Possibly. If he doesn’t fall over on his way to the training ground.

The hitch over his buy clause (That I mentioned yesterday has been dealt with, though how we don’t know. Both Arsenal and Madrid are tough negotiators, so there’s probably something to suit either party. It’s probably now not the 14m that Madrid originally wanted, though if Arsenal chose to purchase him it would likely be less than straightforward.

Arsenal fans were rather expecting an announcement of the loan signing of Nuri Sahin today. He’s supposedly had a photoshoot and medical at Arsenal’s training ground, but no move has materialised. The deal appears to have stalled.

Then again there was a day of silence after Cazorla’s medical when everyone started panicking, but there seems to be more substance to the talk this time.