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Though the “interlull” has robbed us of Arsenal for a couple of weeks, Arsenal’s players have been kind enough to cheer us up with some superb performances for their national teams.

Abou’s Back

After stunning us with his rampaging performance at Liverpool, there were more than a few people (myself included) who expected Abou Diaby to be injured on international duty. Thankfully, he showed us our fears were misplaced with another commanding game for France. He scored the only goal of the game and was “everywhere”, as said by the French press.


After two goalless draws in the opening games, Arsenal head to Anfield to try and pick up their first 3 points of the season and silence their critics.

However, the same could be said about the home side. After their shocking 3-0 defeat to West Brom on the opening day of the season and the entertaining yet disappointing 2-2 draw with Man City last weekend, Liverpool have a way to go to prove their top four credentials.

The last time the two sides met resulted in a 2-1 Arsenal victory at Anfield courtesy of a last minute volley from he who must not be named. This ended Liverpool’s hopes of top four and emphasised their poor home form of last season. Anfield has been quite a happy hunting ground for Arsenal recently, unbeaten in their last five league visits having won 2 and drawn 3.

Nothing. Not a thing. Zilch. This is what we’ve heard about transfers. At least definitively. Arsenal are either being extra secretive, or they’ve forgotten there’s a transfer window on.

Benayoun the second

Fresh from loaning Chelsea outcast Yossi Benayoun last season, Arsenal are now interested in loaning Michael Essien from the West London side. This is an interesting move, considering his injury record, and makes you wonder why we couldn’t just pick someone up permanently. This indicates Francis Coquelin has been identified as a prospective first-teamer and Essien is being brought in to A. Teach him, and B. Share time with him.

In a brief distraction from the imminent closing of the transfer window, the Champions’ League group stage draw happened just now. It took an awful lot longer than seemed necessary, but luckily Arsenal weren’t stuck with some of the possibilities that had arisen.

Still on top

Arsenal remain comfortably in Pot 1 (before you all say “not much longer..”, Arsenal’s consistent qualification and reasonable performances have made it very difficult for us to drop out of the cream of the crop), and so avoided the likes of Real and Barca. There still remained the possibilities of Dortmund and Juventus, as well as difficult trips to Galatasaray or Donetsk. However, that didn’t happen either.