As the season is coming to a close for most teams, Arsenal still have one more game to go but it seems like a good time to look at a season full of ups and downs. Even more importantly, it is time to recognise those individuals who have delivered, surprised and frustrated us over the premier league season.

Player of the year – Alexis Sanchez – Player of the season can only go to one player and that is Alexis. When Sanchez was signed there were doubts all over the world about if Sanchez would deliver.

After years and years of Walcott saying he wants to be a striker he finally got to show what he could do.  This is not the first time Walcott has performed when playing up front with his most notable appearance was last year in the FA cup against Spurs.

Walcott has all the important attributes which would allow him to be the striker Arsenal have desired for the last few years. The essential attribute Walcott has is pace which Arsenal have missed over the last few years. It was clear to see yesterday that Arsenal looked much more of a threat with the pace in behind which was supported by the pace of Sanchez and Wilshere going forward.

No is the answer from Charlie Nicholas when asked by Sky Sports although he does believe Arsenal will be the closest title challenger to Chelsea this season.

When the full time whistle blew on Saturday, Arsenal fans were starting to believe they may have an outside shot at the title. As the gap closed to 4 points, there was a new found optimism although fans did want to keep this on this low.

However, Chelsea who had two games in hand at the time still had the advantage but it’s better to have points in the bag at his stage of the season, that believe got stronger when Chelsea were pegged back after being 2-0 up. Were they going to drop points at Hull ultimately not as Remy went and scored the winner but one thing was for sure Chelsea did not look convincing.

Can we just play West Ham every week? It's hilarious to think that Big Sam once thought that his teams were Wenger's bogey opponents.

Now, the only bogey is the one dripping from Sam's nose as he cries while looking at West Ham's recent record against us.

Playing West Ham of late has been like Christmas come early with Big Sam playing the role of a beer drinking, foul mouthed Santa slipping 3 points under the Arsenal Xmas tree. Big Sam in a Santa suit. What a sight that would be.

Arsene Wenger was previously known to not adopt carrot and stick approach with his players, but he must now be aware of the fact that his days with the Emirates Stadium club are numbered.

Tides have changed lately as he now seems eager to end his managerial career on a high note, having signed Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez in successive summers. His new approach has, indeed, worked wonders as the Gunners are now set to visit Wembley besides staying in contention for Champions League next season.